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EAGLE-i (Market Basket Analysis)


It is a well known fact: while at retail, most products are bought in an impulse. So if you place your products smartly, you might just end up selling better.
Understanding this behavior of products more likely being purchased together could offer great insights to your business or sales.
The way we process and explore this trend in items being ordered or purchased together will present for you a clear picture as to how and where your products need to be basketed.

Our Solution

Eagle-i is a Customer Churn and Customer Retention Tool. It predicts the churn rate of a customer in any B2C business. The tool considers the historical transactional trends of a user and predicts the probability to transact in future.

Key things to know about the product:

  • – Model is able to achieve accuracy to nearly 95% depending upon the quality of data being provided to model.
  • – Minimum transactional data of every user is required.
  • – GUI based model customization to better usage.
  • – Applicable across functional domains and businesses.
  • – Quick set up and easy deployment.


  • – Click Here for real churn prediction playground.
  • – After redirection to the page download the stepwise PPT to use it.
  • – Download the sample dataset for playing around or use your own dataset in the given format for real prediction.
  • – Feel free to Contact Us in case of any doubt or further customization

How our Market Basket Analysis will take your store sales to places

We take into account:

  • Items being purchased together
  • When an item is mostly purchased or ordered – the time matters
  • Ranking the items based on their sales – item popularity
  • How many items are purchased per click or per visit

Our algorithms interpret based on these segregations and help you make decisions that will improve the sales performance of goods.

Our differential market basket analysis will help get you to your solutions without falling prey to trivial pointers.

Key benefits we provide

Improvement In Revenue based on Segmentation and Offer optimization
Increased Customer Retention
Increase in Acquisition of New Customers
Cost Saving