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Data Mining, Machine Learning, & Twitter Combating The Coronavirus How?

Did you know, Data Mining along with machine learning has also been helpful in combating with the Coronavirus? No! Here is something you must know. According to the latest update from a reliable source, with Coronavirus becoming an international public health emergency, the chaos has outgrown major emergencies. Unlike SARS, the scientists this time have a better genome, sequencing, predictive analysis, and machine learning analysis tools which are helping them understand as well as monitor the outbreak.

Before Coronavirus, it took scientists 5 months to sequence the virus genome during the SARS outbreak, wherein it took them only a month in case of nCoV.

Mapping tools are being used to track down the spread of the disease for the past several years. In fact, as per the survey, 10 European countries have initiated Influenza Net in 2003 to track the flu symptoms. In 2019, when the first case of nCoV surfaced, Johns Hopkins & co-director of Center for Systems Science and Engineering launched a real-time map to track the spread of the disease. This data mining technique displays the statistics for deaths along with the confirmed cases of coronavirus. There is no doubt that data science, data mining, and data analysis have always been an integral part of the healthcare industry, this evidently is proof of the same.

The Present Challenge With Filling The Gaps In Data

Although data mining has helped a lot in establishing the facts of the spread of this disease, still there are many challenges that one has to resolve. The basic challenge for the researchers is to balance the need for real-time data and privacy. let’s see how data mining will further help in this situation of need. To date, it seems to have established a strong foot to help the researchers, doctors, and more to figure out the Coronavirus outbreak.

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