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How to Ensure Student Success with PrepAI?

We bet you want to see your students succeed in your subject.

But how to ensure student success with the most effective approach?

What better way to assess their progress than through regular assessments and tests.

Introducing PrepAI, an AI-powered question generation solution.

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PrepAI helps create high-quality question papers from the content you provide in a jiffy!

In minutes, generate questions from the text, PDF/Docx, Youtube URL (with or without captions), Video file, and Wikipedia search with PrepAI.

PrepAI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for NLP question generation.

It is developed to perfection by DataToBiz’s innovative engineers with major contributions from EdTech professionals.

It acts as a one-stop solution for all content demands of an organization, in addition to being a smart and random question generator for teachers and test creators.

PrepAI is the most powerful AI question generator that can help you realize your goals of student success.

Don’t believe it?

Check it out yourself –


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