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Minimize Errors While Creating Question Papers – PrepAI (AI-Powered Question Generator for Teachers)

Human bias or cognitive bias is something that can affect your decisions and judgments. It is natural and we all tend to get affected by it.

In the case of teaching professionals, it can influence the question paper preparation process. Resulting in unconscious errors.

There is a solution to this problem.

Artificial intelligence!

Yes, by using PrepAI, an AI-based test paper generation solution, you can create questions from any content source of your preference. From custom texts and PDF/Docx, to even from Wikipedia, Video files and Youtube!

It uses complex AI and ML algorithms to simplify NLP question generation. Reducing human intervention, PrepAI tackles the issue of unconscious human bias with ease. It can help minimize errors in question paper creation process.

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For an educational institution, it acts as a one-stop solution for all content requirements of teachers and test authors.

It has been created by the AI experts at DataToBiz using natural language processing techniques, with immense contributions from education professionals who have a better understanding of the needs of their sector.

PrepAI is the best AI-powered question paper generation solution and boasts of having the most variety of features in the market.

Try PrepAI today:


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