Natural language processing
Making our machines understand the language has made significant changes in the field of machine learning and has improvised the various Natural Language Processing models. But on the contrary, it was quite difficult for machines to understand the underlying meaning of a sentence and how it has its importance in a bunch of sentences, until Google published BERT. Let’s consider the following statements: Sushant was my friend. He was a good coder but lacked the
In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of Machine learning for different businesses.  Machine learning (ML) extracts concrete lessons from raw data to solve complex, data-rich business problems fast. ML algorithms iteratively learn from the data and enable computers to discover various types of deep insights without being specially trained to do so. ML develops at such a rapid rate and is driven primarily by emerging computational technology. Machine learning in business
Data is not just any simple random collection of information anymore, rather, an influential insight that can convert into a monetary form if used properly. As a result of such an influence, many corporations have been managing data warehouses powered by DW-a-a-S (Data Warehouse As a Service)  to keep important information coming from multiple sources in one common region termed as data warehouse. These relevant chunks of information are refined and processed for better use
advantages of data science
In this piece, you will get to know whether you should include Data Science in your business plan or not. Here we are going to define why enterprises are using Data Science and what are the basic advantages of Data Science. Unlike the times before, terms such as Big Data & Data Science are not confined to techies anymore. As digital technologies are outgrowing all the expectations, business owners are equipping themselves with knowledge of
The role of data is changing significantly with advanced methodologies used for upgrading sales and integrating business intelligence in the organisational schema for better outcomes. But in the absence of proper tools and techniques to manage and organise such a large pool of data, results might appear too far-fetched. So, what is the way out to handle bundles of unstructured data and harness its true potential for catalysing the growth? Data warehousing is the  solution
Are you also fascinated to get an inference from a face recognition model on jetson nano? I fail to run TensorRT inference on Jetson Nano, due to PReLU activation function not supported for TensorRT 5.1. But, the PReLU channel-wise operator is available for TensorRT 6. In this blogpost, I will explain the steps required in the model conversion of ONNX to TensorRT and the reason why my steps failed to run TensorRT inference on Jetson
Are you an early stage ecommerce company’s founder, looking to kickstart data analytics in your business. But you have your own notions regarding it and not able to do it? If you feel you have the right intent of being a data driven business at your early stages, but gets stuck due to lack of proper knowledge, skills, resources and funds, then this is the right blog for you to read. E-Commerce Challenges As an
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The optimisation of artificial intelligence in the coming era will bring unprecedented changes to all aspects of society. We at DataToBiz want to stay on top of this cutting edge technology, and we want to help your company do the same. Our talented team of IT experts and consultants has been trusted by thousands of companies and individuals. If you’re still not convinced, take it from Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform in Washington,
When it all began… In this blog, I am going to talk to my experience of being an intern at DataToBiz. I still remember the day when I reached the DataToBiz office on day 1 at 9:30 am sharp and met Mr. Parindsheel and Mr. Ankush, both co-founders, about my previous experiences and my expectations from the internship in their start-up. Mr. Parindsheel was my internship mentor. I was assigned a project by Mr. Parindsheel
Data analytics has become an indispensable part of the business world. Look all around and you will realise that everything is already data-driven. A bigger pool of organisations is moving towards executing this practice in their premises also. However, as per a 2016 report from Gartner, it was discovered that lone 15 per cent of the aggregate businesses who attempt to execute data analytics, win the battle and the rest stall out in the pilot
Data Science has played a significant role in transforming the finance and banking industry by completely changing the ways in which they previously operated. Life has been made easier for the banking officials as well as the customers. FinTech:  a new term coined for the innovation and technology methods aiming to transform traditional methods of finance with data science forming one of its integral component. Whenever you use your credit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal, or
Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning present the pharma industry with various opportunities to substantially improve the pace of drug discovery and distribution process. The current protocol followed needs to be upgraded in order to meet the rising demand for medicine and that too without compromising its quality. These technical advancements will help the pharma companies to process the structured and unstructured data in order to derive useful and actionable insights. Application of Machine learning and
Monitoring websites to track success of a business is a culture and has since become a practice. It is usually interpreted that if the graph is good, the business is on the road to success and this somehow leads to significant aspects being neglected. Now, you must be wondering why so? This is a fact though, that simply by analysing your website, you  might just never able to reach potential leads or evaluate the conversion
Corporations across the globe are trying their best to look at business form a customer-centric view. This exercise opens for them a window to peek into the interests of their clientele and create policies accordingly. But in today’s volatile business environment judgements built simply from past experience or intuition is increasingly unreliable. Customers today are more connected and empowered. Access to the internet all the time has allowed them to become more specific about their
The world is becoming smart, smarter than ever before. There are homes that know how to turn on the lights by judging its intensity and there are cars that can drive themselves. Isn’t it something like living in a sci-fi world? Everything that was imagined is turning into reality. Among all that we hear about the upcoming technology, machine learning (ML) is a common term being associated with almost all of them. The term has
  Whether you run an empire or a small enterprise, every business faces certain common problems and hitches. The questions like, How do I improve my sales? What is my organisation lacking? What to do when old customers are not purchasing my product?What ought to be done with a specific end goal to pull in more clients? And many more such, often boggle a business owner’s mind. If this is the case with you as well, then
SMEs or small and micro enterprises form an integral part of a country’s economy. In India alone the sector is said to have employed around 111.4 million people in the year 2014 and in 2012 it contributed to 37.5% to the GDP. But, the irony is that even after being such an important part of economy, SMEs are not able to flourish as they should have. There is a major lack of strategic business planning
The demand-supply chain & the contributing factors Supply Chain In Manufacturing The traditional demand-supply chain has conveniently helped the manufacturer understand the needs of the market and the consumer at the far end. The factors that drive the market are very obviously and entirely dependent upon the way the consumer or end user responds to the product delivered to him. Any industry, starting from healthcare to transport, from household goods to food, from cosmetics to
We all know that immense amount of data is generated with every passing second.  From our Uber ride to ordering a burger in McDonalds or every transaction that we make at the ATM, everything is recorded and stockpiled for further analysis. In the past, data was perceived as nothing but a by-product of a business activity, but today it has a value and is considered more as an economic asset. All the big enterprises generate
Marketing method known as “Spray & Pray”is used by many organisations. They try a whole bunch of all tactics, on a whole bunch of customers, on all the times. When something works, they stick to it but when nothing works, they take up the loss and try something new until they find the magical solution. The problem is that they never pay attention to the reason why certain campaign works well and other bring losses.
Machine learning is one of the most searched keyword on any search engine at this point of time. The reason is quite clear; the benefits of utilising it in any industry is beyond imagination. Machine learning is making computers learn from data to find patterns & generate business insights. In e-commerce, machine learning is even far more relevant because of digitally generated user-specific data points. Daily, we read so much about big companies using machine
“Mysql Server has gone away” OR “Lost Connection to Mysql Server during query”- These are some of the most common errors a developer of a DBA looks at on his/her computer screen, whenever data in a MySQL table exceeds beyond a particular limit. This is due to the limitation of MySQL to process a very large amount of data if the query is not written in optimized form. Or if the query has been optimized,
Understanding customer transactional behaviour pays well for any business. With the tsunami of start ups in recent times and the immense money flow in businesses, customers find lucrative offers from companies for acquisition, retention & referrals strategies. Understanding transactional behaviour of a customer has become even more complex with the invent of new business houses everyday. Although, with the rise of powerful machines, one can easily manage working with TBs of data, complexity of business
Have you ever came across a business offering you more when you have already purchased one product or service. I get offers even from my hairdresser. Saloons offering head massage or facial when you go for a hair-cut. Many times, offers get converted to revenue for saloons. This is a perfect daily life example of product/service recommendations. We could see such relevant offers more when we purchase products online from Amazon, Flipkart etc. One of