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9 Top Quillionz Alternatives: AI Question Generator Tools

Online question generation tools are designed to save time, effort, and resources by automating the process of creating test papers or assessments. Quillionz is a popular tool used to create quizzes in a short time. But what are the best alternatives to Quillionz? We’ll discuss the leading AI test generation tools here.

EdTech or education technology is the use of technology and advanced tools to enhance the quality of education. The global EdTech market is valued at $123.40 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 13.6% between 2023 and 2030. Adopting technology in education modernizes teaching methodologies and makes the process learning-centric.

With increasing emphasis on creating diverse and inclusive classrooms, educational institutions are adopting artificial intelligence tools to streamline teaching. Similarly, organizations have to ensure that educators don’t end up stressed or overloaded. Automated tools with AI and ML algorithms are used to complete repetitive tasks in less time, thus allowing teachers to focus on their core responsibilities.

Question-generation platforms are great examples of automated applications. Teachers use these tools to create assessments, quizzes, and test papers in a few minutes instead of spending hours of their time manually gathering data from different sources and converting the content into questions.

Here, we’ll discuss the leading question answer generation tools that help teachers, trainers, coaches, educators, and mentors to create surprise assessments and test their students.

What Is Quillionz?

Quillionz is considered the world’s first AI-powered platform that generates questions, notes, and quizzes. It is a powerful online tool that converts input content into different types of questions, which can be edited before finalizing the test paper. The tool is available in free and paid versions (Quillionz Pro).

You can create MCQs (multiple choice questions), short descriptive questions, and recall questions using this tool. The paid version offers more features and takes lesser time to generate questions. Quillionz is also available as an API and can be integrated with third-party LMS (learning management systems), online publishing platforms, and more.

So, is Quillionz the best question generator in the market?

Though Quillionz offers many interesting features, it is not the only AI question generator available. Many other EdTech, AI-based assessment tools give a tough fight to Quillionz. Some platforms even offer additional or different features which can further help teachers and schools enhance the quality of assessments.

Let’s look at some of the best Quillionz alternatives to check out in the EdTech market.

Top Question Generation Platforms

1. PrepAI is an NLP (natural language processing) question generator tool developed by DataToBiz. The online tool has recently been updated with Bloom’s Taxonomy concepts to create more effective and analytical questions that encourage students to evaluate the topic and present their viewpoints. PrepAI is an alternative to Quillionz and provides user-friendly services with cost-effective prices.

The AI question generator tool accepts different input formats like text, docx/doc and PDF files, and video URLs & video files. It also has a built-in search tool that collects data directly from the internet for the given topic. This content is then converted into a variety of questions (MCQs, fill-ups, true/ false, and descriptive) that test the higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) in students. What sets PrepAI apart is its ability to generate questions for all six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The assessment paper will have questions that test the following:

  • The knowledge gained by students based on their retention skills
  • Students’ abilities to understand the context of a question (their comprehension skills)
  • How students use their acquired knowledge in new or different situations
  • The analytical approach students take to solve a problem
  • Ways the students can create something new from existing knowledge
  • How students judge a question and defend their opinions based on what they learned.

The generated questions can be edited and rated individually. You can delete unwanted questions and add more manually.

The question paper can be previewed before finalizing it to save a copy in your account. You can access this copy anytime through your account dashboard. The final test paper can be exported to other devices in three different formats (MS Excel, MS Docx, and PDF). PrepAI’s latest update makes it even easier to complete tests and assessments. Instead of exporting the questions, you can conduct the tests on the platform through the Test Conduction feature. PrepAI offers Whitelabel and API services and is also available for free trial.

2. EdApp

EdApp is a comprehensive LMS with an array of features. Rapid Refresh is an online quiz maker and the latest offering available on EdApp. It allows teachers and trainers to test how well students and employees have learned from the sessions and whether they can apply their newly gained knowledge.

The questions are created on the LMS dashboard of each student. The results are tallied, and the app updates the leaderboard automatically. Educators can upload questions to the platform, automate grading, and customize winner certificates. EdApp can also convert test papers and quizzes to more than 100 languages using the company’s cloud-based translation tool.

Rapid Refresh creates questions like MCQs, chat simulation, carousel, image-based, circle the answer, true/ false, find-a-word, jumbled words, and more. It is also compatible with mobile devices and is considered one of the best Quillionz alternatives for iOS. Teachers can sign up for free to use Rapid Refresh and get analytical reports about students’ performances in the quizzes. EdApp allows third-party integrations and is compatible with most devices in the market.

3. ClassMaker

ClassMaker is a web-based quiz and test generator tool developed for schools and corporate training. It allows teachers to create secure assessments on different devices like computers, tablets, laptops, Chromebook, etc. The web app also works on Android and iOS devices. It has an in-built grading system to score the answer sheets filled by students. Teachers can customize certificates to award the winners.

ClassMaker also provides an option to create assistants to reduce the workload on teachers and manage the accounts. The advanced settings include time limits, instant feedback, audio and video attachments, and more. The questions generated by the tool can be of different types like multiple choice, matching, short answers, essays, etc.

The quiz generator tool offers two viewing options- public and private to ensure greater security of the test papers. Schools and businesses can use the API and branding services to customize ClassMaker’s interface and brand it to represent their establishments. The tool is available for free (limited features) and subscription-based pricing. It also has a pay-as-you-go model where teachers can buy credits as and when necessary.

4. Quizlet

Quizlet is a free quiz maker engaging more than 60 million students in the network. It creates practice tests, science-backed flashcards, and educative games to make learning engaging and fun. The platform can be used by teachers, educators, trainers, and students. It is available as a smartphone app on Android and iOS devices. The online tool allows teachers to convert flashcards into assessments and customize the questions.

Quizlet also has a smart grading system and is compatible with any subject, be it math, science, or languages. Quizlet Plus, a paid version, has been exclusively developed for teachers. There is a live option where teachers can change the questions and games even as students are taking the test or participating in the educational game. It allows teachers to group students into teams and customize the content for each team,

Furthermore, the platform helps teachers track each student’s performance and identify the ones who need more learning and encouragement. Quizlet Plus has a 30-day free trial option. The company offers group discounts to teachers and students to buy the ad-free app in bulk. The paid version can be accessed offline.

5. ProProfs

ProProfs Quiz Maker offers a plethora of features in its assessment tool. It is one of the most comprehensive platforms with a user-friendly interface and good customization services. The tool allows teachers to create online assessments at any time and from any location. It offers better security and privacy to keep the content safe.

The test papers are automatically graded by the tool so that teachers can directly share the results with students. Another advantage of ProProfs is the vast question library developed by the company. Teachers can access the library to include more questions in the tests. The tool also has ready-made templates for different types of tests and quizzes. Educators can use the templates right away or customize them accordingly.

The software works on various devices. The link to the test can be emailed to students from the same interface. Furthermore, ProProfs Quiz Maker supports 70+ languages. It generates reports for teachers to understand and compare students’ performances in the assessments. It also generates (customizable) certificates after completing the test. The quiz maker is available for free and paid subscription. The company offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.

6. EasyTestMaker

EasyTestMaker is an online test generator with an automated grading feature. It is a good choice to create online and offline tests. The assessments can be published on other websites or exported in print-friendly formats like MS Word and PDF. Even the scores, reports, and analytics can be exported to other devices or platforms.

The tool creates different questions like fill-ups, matching, MCQs, true/ false, and short answers. It has a simple interface and helps teachers create tests with ease. New questions and sections can be added to the generated test paper. In fact, the tool also provides alternate versions of questions and answers to prevent cheating during exams.

Teachers running short of time can use the built-in question bank to create and publish a test. It is convenient and hassle-free. EasyTestMaker offers a free version with limited features and two paid versions (Plus & Premium) priced annually.

7. Nearpod

NearPod is a question generator useful for students, teachers, and educational institutions. The formative assessment tool by the company offers real-time insights into the students’ learning capabilities. It is a comprehensive platform where teachers can conduct classes, create assessments, and analyze them from the same interface. Students can attempt the tests from their personal devices from any location. The tests can be conducted live or whenever it is convenient for the students.

The advanced tool has various features like an interactive whiteboard for drawing, quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, matching pairs, open-ended questions, gamification, and a collaborative board where students can work together in teams and share their ideas.

NearPod allows third-party integrations and provides licenses to educational institutions to use the software on a large scale. The company has exclusive programs for schools to support strategic processes like curriculum creation, immersive classroom teaching, distance learning, etc. It has a free basic plan and three paid plans.

8. PaperShala

PaperShala is an online exam software used by schools, colleges, coaching centers, and corporate businesses to create test papers and grade the results. The platform also offers analysis reports about students and has a question bank to speed up the process of creating assessments. The company offers free proctored software that allows teachers to monitor students during online exams.

The software is multi-device-friendly and can be used on computers, smartphones, laptops, etc. It is a complete package deal to conduct online exams without causing stress. PaperShala is scalable and can be used by any educational institution. It has great features like automatically selecting questions, reusing questions from previous tests, scheduling online exams, and resuming paused exams.

Students can register themselves on the platform to attempt the tests. The answers will be graded immediately after the test, and teachers can share the results instantly after the exam. PaperShala has a free basic plan and two paid plans. The company also offers custom plans for larger institutions.

9. Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl is termed a holistic online assessment tool for academics and corporate organizations. It has two services for educational institutions- online examination solutions and remote proctoring tools. The tool comes with an intuitive dashboard that helps teachers create test papers in less time.

The assessment tool generates questions like MCQs, essays, and true/ false. It also has advanced features to create complex test papers, depending on the exam’s specifications and format. Mercer Mettl has online certification software that automates the creation of certificates to award to students based on their test results.

The company has clients from 80+ countries and has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. It is also GDPR compliant and promises reliable data security standards. Mercer Mettl offers custom pricing based on usage.


The best assessment tools allow teachers to create test papers with a variety of questions. The interface has to be user-friendly and convenient even for teachers with limited technical knowledge. We can see that there are various alternatives to the Quillionz platform.

Most of the online tools on our list offer a free plan. Go through the features, limitations, and pricing models of each assessment tool to identify the right option for your requirements. You can contact our team to know more about

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