EAGLE-i (Customer Churn Prediction)

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This very moment your customers are painting a vivid picture of their behavior, preferences, and intentions. And they’re doing this by simply going about their daily lives, leaving a digital landscape of data through web, social, apps, mobile, their cars, product use, and service interactions. For a marketer this data is a goldmine.

Big data, behavioral analytics and social listening are shining new light on your customers. Absolute data delivers comprehensive Customer Analytics services for global brands large and small, to understand the consumer journey and drive marketing actions through acquisition, growth and retention.

Our Solution

Eagle-i is a Customer Churn and Customer Retention Tool. It predicts the churn rate of a customer in any B2C business. The tool considers the historical transactional trends of a user and predicts the probability to transact in future.

Key things to know about the product:

  • – Model is able to achieve accuracy to nearly 95% depending upon the quality of data being provided to model.
  • – Minimum transactional data of every user is required.
  • – GUI based model customization to better usage.
  • – Applicable across functional domains and businesses.
  • – Quick set up and easy deployment.


  • – Click Here for real churn prediction playground.
  • – After redirection to the page download the stepwise PPT to use it.
  • – Download the sample dataset for playing around or use your own dataset in the given format for real prediction.
  • – Feel free to Contact Us in case of any doubt or further customization

How our customer analytics solutions help clients

In a rapidly evolving market landscape, customers are more empowered and connected than ever as they have access to information anytime, anywhere. This makes it imperative to predict and analyze customer behaviour to stay ahead of the competition.Our customer analytics solutions help businesses get a better understanding of customers’ buying habits and lifestyle preferences. Precise predictions of future buying behaviours help businesses deliver relevant offers that attract rather than alienate customers.At DataToBiz, we bring together data scientists and consultants who build solutions for our clients with a vision to discover and build customer analytics capabilities, and drive continuous business excellence.

Key benefits we provide

Improvement In Revenue based on Segmentation and Offer optimization
Increased Customer Retention
Increase in Acquisition of New Customers
Cost Saving