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Financial Analytics Case study

Financial services institutions are under tremendous amounts of regulatory pressure on account of the dynamic regulatory landscape. Customers are more diverse and technologically adept, and institutions must meet new demands to stay on top. The regulatory landscape is volatile and uncertain, and institutions are under constant scrutiny. And through all of this, financial institutions must remain as competitive as they always have been, this can be achieved using Financial Analytics.

A growing number of investment banks are relying on analyst to keep them apprised of investment opportunities. With insights customised to their needs, financial institutions are making smarter investment decisions, while complying with tightened regulations and facing fierce competition.

How We Made Difference?

A medium sized micro financing corporation

To reduce loan approval time period.

By making use of predictive analytics, we provided client loan default probability for all loan applicants by making use of applicant demographic & historic data along with CIBIL score.

Client have reduced financial audit process for low default loan probable clients & created stringent checks for high default probability applicants with overall reduction in loan approval time period. Client has also been able to reduce loan default rate by making use of loan default probability.