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The client was owner of a virtual hospital & needed smart ways to reduce cost for the operations and ways to react to client/patient queries faster.

DataToBiz developed an AI engine that guided the patient as per his/her records to a specific specialist with estimates on the time to resolve his/her problem and a desirable financial compensation.

How We Made Difference?

A businessman, owner of a virtual hospital set-up

To reduce his costs and improve reaction time

An engine driven by AI that would study the records/reports/symptoms of the patients and derive interpretations as to a preliminary diagnosis and suggesting a specialist for the patient to visit directly with the expected time of his/her treatment and an expected cost on his pocket.

The client was able to deliver the insights to the patients based on the artificial intelligence model/engine in a matter of few minutes, where it earlier took at least a day when it was being done manually by physicians hired on the role. He was thus able to save his operation costs by 40% that was paid as salary to the doctors on the job. Also, the patients’ got decisions much quicker and were able to relate to a better service by the client, picking up his popularity by word-of-mouth thus increasing his revenues by 12%.