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Azure Managed Services

Facilitate a smooth and comprehensive digital transformation experience by partnering with our certified Google Cloud Data Engineers, Certified Data Engineers for MS Azure, and AWS Certified Data Analytics Professionals. With their deep knowledge and hands-on experience across major data engineering platforms, we ensure that your organization achieves its digital goals efficiently and effectively.

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Hiring and Engagement Models


Get efficient data engineering services with our flexible hourly pricing method. Ensure seamless integration into Azure, AWS, or GCP environments, guided by certified professionals such as GCP Professional Data Engineers, and AWS/Azure data engineers. This approach empowers you to build extensive reports and customized dashboards.


Hire a Dedicated Team of AWS, Azure, and GCP Data Engineers for your specialized projects. Enlist a talented team of data engineering experts who are well-versed in data engineering services. Their overseas dedication ensures top-notch results.


Experience a comprehensive range of services, from strategy and design to development, implementation, and technical support. Our transparent fixed pricing model simplifies your journey to effective Azure, AWS, and business intelligence solutions, with a pool of skilled engineers at your disposal.
Our flexible hourly pricing method is perfect for data collection and loading it on Azure, AWS or Power BI clouds to build extensive reports and customized dashboards.
Dedicated resources and Team Augmentation
Hire a talented team of expert AWS, Azure and Power BI developers for your specialized projects overseas on a dedicated basis.
On Demand
From strategy, design, development to implementation and technical support, get end-to-end Azure, AWS and business intelligence services with a simple fixed pricing model.
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No-Hassle Corporate Onboarding

How to Hire Azure Data Engineers from DataToBiz?


Share requirements

Submit your requirements or complete the form. We review your requirements and then identify the overall time, resource, technology and estimates.


Screen resources

After screening our candidates, you can select the best fit to your team and requirements.


Get started after NDA

As soon as we sign the non-disclosure agreement and contract, the resource is added to your team so they can start off with the project.

Missing the Data Engineering expertise in your current team?

Fill the gap with our experienced professionals

Hire an Azure Data Engineering Team

Empower your enterprise strategy with robust data-driven decisions. Navigate the complexities of Azure with experts.

  • Get access to skilled and certified data engineers.
  • Reduce development costs across teams.
  • Personalize dashboard with intelligent insights.
  • Enable teams with data analytics and visualizations.
  • Strategize, design, and implement decisions based on valuable insights.

Top businesses across diverse industries trust us to empower them with Azure, AWS, and BI solutions.

10 yrs+ of rich expertise in Azure


Industry-specific solutions



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Engagement models to choose from

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- Flexible hourly pricing
- Custom solutions
- Expertise in Azure, AWS, or Power BI clouds
- Perfect for data collection and loading
- Extensive reports and customized dashboards

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Dedicated resources and Team Augmentation

- Team of expert developers
- Hire full-time or part-time
- Monthly, weekly or daily basis
- Perfect for overseas projects due to scalability

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- End-to-end support for Azure, AWS, and BI services
- From Design to Development and maintenance
- Resources deployable as per project requirement
- Fixed price model

No Hassle Corporate Onboarding

  • No Freelancer, 100% Own Staff
  • Result-Driven Approach
  • Highly Creative & Motivated team
  • Quality & Security Adherence
Azure data engineers

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How to Hire Data Engineers from DataToBiz?

Step 1
Share requirements

Fill in the questionnaire to share your requirement with us. We identify, analyze, review and find the right resource that fits your parameters.

Step 2

Candidates with expertise in data engineering that match your requirements will be suggested.. You may choose the best fit.

Step 3
Getting Started

Once the candidate is selected and the project is discussed, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be signed by both parties and the project can kick off.

What Power BI and Azure developers can do for you?

Power BI

Analyse data trends to achieve goals

We help you set benchmarks and achieve goals by bringing all data sources together for analysis, be it third-party platforms, IoT sensors or others.

Power BI

Real-time natural language processing

Power BI services provide setting up NLP so you can easily query your data in plain language and get answers in real-time.

Power BI

Experts in Advanced analytics

Our data science consultants help you leverage the power of BI integrated with R and Python scripts, ensuring you don’t miss out on any growth opportunity.

Offshore Data Engineering Services


Make informed decisions and shape future outcomes leveraging rich expertise in data engineering and Azure services. Our consultants analyze your current strategy, define a new one, and architect and implement it to match your goals.


Data analysis is performed with authentication to ensure a full-scale enterprise solution is delivered. Deploy data engineering experts to implement a scalable solution.

Visualization & Reports

Spot patterns, trends, and outliers in your data story, and leverage the insights to guide your decision-making process. Choose from a team of expert developers who build and customize reports empowering you with valuable insights.

Dashboard Development

Adapt a creative, narrative-driven approach for your data’s flow and design. Our data storytelling experts offer a structured approach for communicating through dashboard design and development.


Harness the expertise of extensive industry experience to design, build, and deploy customized solutions for your data engineering needs; like never before.

Dedicated Developers

Reduce the risk of IT failures, and rising overhead costs to focus on your core competencies. Our dedicated team of Azure, AWS, and BI developers brings a wealth of multiple industry expertise to develop and implement the best data engineering solution for your business.

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