Mobile AI Engineer – NLP

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POSITION : Mobile AI Engineer - NLP

Being a consulting and services startup we are looking for quick learners who can work in a cross-functional team of Consultants, SMEs from various domains, UX architects, and Application development experts, to deliver compelling solutions through the application of Data Science and Machine Learning. The desired candidate will have a passion for finding patterns in large datasets, an ability to quickly understand the underlying domain and expertise to apply Machine Learning tools and techniques to create insights from the data.

Key responsibilities:
  1. As a Mobile AI engineer on our team, you will be responsible for solving complex data problems for various clients using deep learning techniques.
  2. Work with the team to extract and transform natural language data from text on the mobile native application.
  3. Develop and implement a framework for mobile processing of language syntax and semantics as well as contextualization of textual data using python
  4. Develop strategies and implement methods to pass NLP techniques to classification algorithms.
  5. Execute project plan to meet requirements and timelines.
  6. Identify success metrics and monitor them to ensure high-quality output for the client.
  7. Deliver production-ready models that can be deployed in the production system.
  8. Understand and identify appropriate data sources required for solving the business problem at hand.
Key Skills:
  1. 2+ years of working with Python, Machine learning with exposure to one or more DL frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, MXNet etc (Mandatory)
  2. Minimum 2 years experience in text representation techniques and NLP algorithms to succeed in this role (Mandatory)
  3. Strong Exposure to at least 1-2 state of the art NLP algorithms e.g GPT, BERT, T5,RoBERTa, ERNIE, huggingfaces etc
  4. Exposure to DL Model optimisation and transfer learning techniques
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills with other developers and business client
  6. Android or iOS experience will be advantageous
  7. Hands on experience in voice technology will be advantageous

Interested Candidates please share their resume at