Sr. iOS Developer

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POSITION : Sr. iOS Developer

About You

You are a talented iOS Developer with solid experience in app Development. You are ready for a new challenge that will further your learning and expertise.

You are comfortable working in an environment that switches between high intensity engineering work and  laid back fun movie nights on zoom.

Enthusiasm, passion and a determination to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo matter more than qualifications.

About the Client Project

Our client is an international AI company building the latest personal development products. We are looking for someone to join our talented team of architects and engineers. This project is all about on-device-processing that ensures user-privacy.  You will be working on a real green field project that allows you to work with the best people and latest tools in AI and Machine Learning.

This is one of many AI projects we work on.

Key Skills & responsibilities

  • At least 3 years of experience in iOS Mobile development
  • Experience building complex applications for the iPhone or iPad using Swift and/or Objective-C.
  • Experience with multithreaded programming and proper state management, memory management, network interaction, concurrency etc
  • Familiar with functional and/or reactive programming.
  • Full understanding of the iOS Framework internals (e.g. Core-data, Core-Text, Core-graphics, Core-animation).
  • Experience working with CoreML, Metal & ARKit
  • Experience with Apple Approval & Distribution Process, Ad-Hoc & Enterprise Distribution.
  • Knowledge of iOS SDK performance tools and optimisation techniques.
  • Experience building iOS Frameworks.
  • Should have in-depth knowledge of audio framework concepts
  • Experience designing clean and maintainable APIs.
  • Experience with UI-Tests using XCode (XCUITests).
  • Develop new features for iOS products. Maintain and improve iOS CI/CD pipeline.
  • Write and maintain UI Tests as well as the UI-Tests framework
  • Optimize UI for performance. Monitor and understand customer behaviour.
  • Collaborate with back end developers, designers, product owners to constantly improve customer experience within iOS platform.
  • Build reusable iOS software components for interfacing with the multiple entities and Apps in our platforms.
  • Experience with Git/Bitbucket, Jira, and Jenkins tools.
  • Conceptualization to architecture to coding to unit testing and scaling of our app.
  • Built at least 3-4 consumer Apps
  • Hands-on experience writing high quality unit and integration tests.
  • Experience with CI/CD and Automation tools.

Interested Candidates please share their resume at mentioning position applied along with total years of experience