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Telecom Analytics Case Study

Staying ahead in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry can be difficult, and the nature of the industry is such that businesses are constantly at the risk of becoming obsolete. While this fast-evolving environment can be challenging, it also presents numerous opportunities, which can be unlocked through in-depth research and analysis — filtered to the most important details.

In this fiercely competitive industry, businesses need research support to get intelligence on competitors, market trends, and demand, and analyze their internal processes. This research and analysis-backed insights are what ensure long-term success for technology, media, and telecommunication companies.

Our team of Telecom Analytics experts help leading tech companies achieve success every day.

How We Made Difference?

A leading telecommunication firm in north India

Identify the customer churn inducing variables.

We conducted in-depth customer behavioural & transactional data exploration to know the most significant variables based on extreme gradient boosting algorithm and provided variable importance using churn analytics.

The client was able to leverage our recommendations and made informed decisions to target the significant variables achieved from predictive analytics. The client have been able to reduce churn within 3 month by taking appropriate actions on the recommended reasons.