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The tourism sector is a coming together of various suppliers of services to offer people a complete tourist experience. Travel agents and tour operators play a vital role in the promotion of tourism.

Today the travel and tourism industry is one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in the world. If you are planning to be a part of this dynamic industry then you are required to know more about the travel agency operations than just what happens within the walls of the office.

How We Made Difference?

The client, one of the medium sized online travel agencies in chandigarh, provides travel products and services to customers through websites and contact centers.

As a leading online travel retailer, the client’s primary source of revenue was its Website. However, its customers were using the offline channel to post queries through phone calls, fax and white mails. Also, the client was experiencing a pronounced variance in call distribution at its contact center. DataToBiz realized that the client was focusing overtly on the online channel, which resulted in the absence of a robust offline strategy. This was leading to a dip in revenues and market share. The client needed expertise to devise a roadmap to plug the gap.

After having identified the offline channel as an additional revenue stream, DataToBiz deployed a team with deep domain expertise in enterprise analytics to evaluate the potential of the new channel. In addition, DataToBiz undertook the following interventions:

  • Conducted a thorough customer segmentation and analysis based on the cross-sell and up-sell product and services data, customer profitability, and customer life time value models. This enabled the client to focus on the right customers who could help generate offline sales
  • Evaluated the performance of offline sales agents (agent effectiveness on sales) to ensure that the right agents were deployed for the project.
  • Ensured optimum staffing of best agents at peak intervals to maximise sales​.

Developed a separate strategy for managing the least profitable set of customers (bottom quartile management)

The DataToBiz solution enabled the client to improve its business performance with:

  • An increase in offline revenues by 16 percent
  • Enhancement of sales conversion rate to 21 percent