Power BI for Banking
Financial Operations

Derive more meaningful insights with executive-level dashboards.
Easily review banking credit risks, improve management reporting
and relationship banking dashboards with rich visuals.

Why Choose Power BI for Banking?

Accuracy and Efficiency

Achieve a high level of accuracy and efficiency while handling the rapidly increasing volume and velocity of data.


Analyze trends and discover growth opportunities.


Forecast quickly and accurately leading to easier and data-driven decision making.


Improve profitability by recognizing and meeting customers’ needs faster and providing them with personalized services.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk by supporting fraud detection, ensuring compliance with regulations, and analyzing credit portfolios, etc.

Campaign Tracking

Measure the profitability of marketing campaigns in real-time.


Excel planning, budgeting, and reporting.

Data Processing

Accelerate Loan processing by automating time-consuming data processing.

Customer Experience

Monitor employee performance better, which in turn can result in better customer experience.

Know how Power BI can help your financial firm to unlock more opportunities.

How DataToBiz helped a renowned banking institution?

DataToBiz has partnered with an enterprise banking organization to provide Power BI consulting services. Our services are tailored to suit the varying needs of each bank or financial institution. We have helped the banking firm to easily connect the data sources, streamline the operations, and generate reports quickly.

Our Valued Partners

Power BI crafted for your Role in Banking Sector

HR Department
Product Managers
Bank Actuaries
Compliance Department
Risk Management Department
Business Line Departments
Sales Department
Customer Service Department
Marketing Department

Power BI Services for Banking Firms

Power BI Integration

Our Power BI experts design, build, and deploy Power BI to make it a feature-packed tool for your business needs that delivers value for your teams from first day itself.

Power BI Implementation

We use the results to prepare the implementation roadmap, set up and roll out Power BI in incremental and transparent stages. Our professionals start by delivering full-scale business analysis services together with technological assessment.

Power BI Development

We also offer services of integrating Power BI visualizations into your external portals to help you make your embedded Power BI analytics visible to your partners and vendors who don’t use the platform.

Power BI Customization

We deliver full-scale report and dashboard customization to help you get a multi-dimensional perspective of all your data sets while staying within your branded environment.

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