Data Science Is Paving The Path To New Era In Every Industry A Sneak Peak To The Future We Develop At DataToBiz


At DataToBiz, we believe in helping all. Regardless of which industry you are into, Data science. AI, ML, Computer vision are the things that you need if you wanna grow and become ready for the coming generations. Unlike the times before where having an online presence was enough, today you need to compete with the business to get your place. This is where strategies that we derive using different technologies jump in.

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Industries We Serve

Over the last decade, we have helped multiple industries to grow using the power of data. Our smart strategies, our excellent image, and understanding of how to collect define, and analyze data has helped all our clients to grow to the position that they once imagine in their dreams

Security & Surveillance

If you are into the security & Surveillance business, that you should know how important data and data analytics is. We help the enterprises and companies grow their methods to the next-gen ones using highly & extremely powerful AI, ML, Computer vision, and data analytics technologies.



Running a transportation business can be very challenging, considering the amount of data being generated and new challenges popping up day in and day out. With DataToBiz, we have derived several data analysis, AI, and computer vision solutions for these kinds of industries, enabling them to not just manage the present data but also to grow their potential using insights.



Telecommunication is the one industry where immeasurable data is generated. If you stick to the old data management means, you can soon become extinct. Simply because of your competitions rising above you. Regardless of your goal, be it data collection, management, analytics, automation, etc, we are here to take you to the next level of growth to beat your competition.


E-Commerce & Logistics

In times where all the businesses are switching to online platforms, eCommerce business and logistics business is also booming. With the growing people trusting eCommerce businesses and rising competition, it has become important to design a strategy around modern technology. We at DataToBiz can help you design a smart & efficient data-driven strategy and system, using which you will be able to beat the competition. Be it chatbots, AI-based virtual trial rooms, etc, we can help you with everything.



The fintech industry has outgrown its own expectation over the past decade. With so much going around and so many development opportunities being made available, it has become quite obvious for people to get into data science, AI, Computer vision, and more. Our experience in creating an efficient automated strategy and data analysis platform, we have helped many Fintech industries to get hold of the success they once dreamt of.

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The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. With so much potential in it, it has several & potential areas where we being a data science company can help you with. Be it data collection, data analysis, or a simple automation system, we at DataToBiz can help you grow your potential to the level where you will stand out among your competition.

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Medical & HealthCare

In the times we live, if you are running a medical or healthcare business, one thing you need to keep in mind is the possibilities there are for you in the market. The opportunities that will help you not just in running your business smoothly but also will help you present more opportunities. This is where we stand with you. With our knowledge of data science, big data, data analytics, AI, computer vision, etc, we can certainly help you with a lot.

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Education, the one industry that has gone through a major transformation is one of the industries that have used the potential of technology to a very good extent. With your competition growing on all the fronts be it automation, data storage, etc, it has become evident that you should consider including the tech-innovations to your business.

In case, you believe you don’t fall under any of these categories, don’t worry, we are here to help you. All you have to do is reach out & we will be right next to you. Protection Status