What it’s like to be an intern at DataToBiz

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When it all began… I still remember the day when I reached the DataToBiz office on day 1 at 9:30 am sharp and met Mr. Parindsheel and Mr. Ankush, both co-founders, about my previous experiences and my expectations from the internship in their start-up. Mr. Parindsheel was my internship mentor. I was assigned a project […]

Fintech analytics

Data Science: the Tech behind FinTech

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Data Science has played a significant role in transforming the finance and banking industry by completely changing the ways in which they previously operated. Life has been made easier for the banking officials as well as the customers. FinTech:  a new term coined for the innovation and technology methods aiming to transform traditional methods of […]


The Pharma Industry to Get Smart: AI & Machine Learning drawing the Path Ahead

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Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning present the pharma industry with various opportunities to substantially improve the pace of drug discovery and distribution process. The current protocol followed needs to be upgraded in order to meet the rising demand for medicine and that too without compromising its quality. These technical advancements will help the pharma companies […]

machine learning

Unpacking the Machine Learning hype

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The world is becoming smart, smarter than ever before. There are homes that know how to turn on the lights by judging its intensity and there are cars that can drive themselves. Isn’t it something like living in a sci-fi world? Everything that was imagined is turning into reality. Among all that we hear about […]