How to Create True or False Questions in a Jiffy!

As the name suggests, a true or false question is a simple question that is either correct or not. This helps determine a student’s knowledge at the primitive stage and saves the examiners’ from the hassle of long answers. The key, however,  lies in not making the questions too obvious.  Most people breed the common

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How to Create Question Paper from Informative Videos in 5 Simple Steps

Back in the days when books were the only source of information, things looked different. Question papers were developed by senior educators who understood the nerves of the students and lacked in some aspects, unlike today’s psychometric tests. However, today, there are a ton of options to get help for your formal education. Thanks to

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How to Conduct Assessments Remotely with Zero Hassle

During the time of the peak pandemic, most schools and colleges shifted either to the online mode of education or hybrid mode (both online and offline mode). It raises the need for taking remote assessments of the students. But how can teachers ensure that online tests are conducted with full transparency and the students do

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10 Best APIs for Enterprise Learning Management Systems in 2022

An API is a standardized interface that allows different software components to communicate to fetch data. There is hardly any IT application that does not come with an API. APIs have become increasingly crucial for modern learning since they are an integral part of the Learning Management System (enterprise LMS).  Key Reasons Why Every Enterprise

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: Approach to Facilitate Effective Learning

Creating an environment in which students enjoy learning is one of the most essential elements of being an effective teacher. You can employ all sorts of strategies and lesson plans, but if your students don’t comprehend the information you’re teaching them, none of it will matter. Developing the skills needed to learn from Bloom’s taxonomy

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19 Top Educational APIs in 2022 – A Guide to Choose the Best

Education is not limited to just memorizing information. It also includes sharing resources, tracking progress and so much more. APIs have modernized the education sector by helping in creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment. What are APIs and what are educational APIs? Application Program Interfaces (APIs) connect the rapid flow of information in today’s

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What Is Computer Vision as a Service? (Only Guide You Need)

Have you ever wondered how an iPhone instantly identifies your face and unlocks the device? Or better, how do the uber-cool Tik-Tok filters work? Today, there are numerous instances where smart devices seem to have farfetched applications, but in most cases, these applications are powered by a common tech, computer vision.  Advanced computing capabilities and

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7 Simple Steps To Develop a BI Strategy

If you are an entrepreneur or someone who runs or administers a business, there are two things that you should keep in mind – systems and processes. One must test different strategies and solutions repeatedly and establish a sweet relationship with cold, hard numbers. This is where numbers tell data-driven stories, and business intelligence strategy

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