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Global Capability Center

GCC-as-a-service Engagement Model

Create strong global teams that fit your company’s size, upcoming projects, growth plans, and available resources. Foster collaboration across regions with the flexible Global Capability Center engagement model.

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At DataToBiz, we take a client-centric approach to Global Capability Centers. We offer you a customized GCC journey with our 3 enterprise-friendly GCC engagement models. For your convenience, these models can be combined or adapted depending on the specific needs and goals of the enterprise.

Characteristics/Parameters Delivery Center Model Shared Services Model Center of Excellence (COE) Model

Typically owned and operated by the organization

Centralized ownership and operation

Centralized ownership and operation


Lower-cost captive center locations

Centralized  captive center locations

Specialized infrastructure/multi- locations captive centers

Talent Pool

Cost-effective talent

Standardized skillsets

Deep domain expertise



Shared or Co-managed

DataToBiz-led with client input

GCC Implementation

Faster, lower upfront cost

Standardized, efficient processes

Knowledge transfer, innovation focus


Short-term (6-12 months)

Medium-term (2-3 years)

Long-term (4+ years)


Limited scalability to captive centers

Moderate scalability to captive centers

High scalability to captive centers

Focus On Your Core, We Handle the Rest

A Range of GCC Services to Scale as You Grow

Consultation and Model Design

This is where the plan for how the GCC will work is created. It’s like designing the blueprint for a house. This service helps decide what services the GCC will provide, how it will interact with other parts of the company, and how it will be managed.

Location Strategy

Identifying the optimal location for your Global Capability Center (GCC) based on factors such as talent availability, cost-effectiveness, and business environment. Our experts conduct in-depth analysis and provide recommendations to ensure your GCC is situated in a location that meets your strategic objectives and operational needs.

Talent Gap Analysis

Understanding the skill gaps within your organization is crucial. We analyze your current workforce, identify areas where additional skills are needed, and provide recommendations for talent acquisition and development to ensure your GCC has the right expertise to succeed.

Productive Workspace Consulting

Creating a workspace that enhances productivity, and employee satisfaction remains a top priority for establishing an ideal GCC. We analyze your requirements and design a workspace that reflects your company culture, promotes creativity, and meets your operational needs.

Technology Enablement

This service focuses on setting up the right technology and systems for the GCC to operate smoothly. It’s like making sure the GCC has all the tools it needs to do its job effectively, such as IT infrastructure, software, and communication systems.

Staff Augmentation

Scale your team up or down based on project requirements. We help you find and onboard qualified data engineering and IT professionals quickly to ensure your GCC has the right talent to deliver on its objectives.

Digital Transformation

We ensure a 360-degree digital transformation strategy for your enterprise. With technologies to streamline day-to-day global capability center operations, we work with you to identify opportunities for digital transformation and develop a roadmap to achieve your digital goals.

IT Advisory

We help you make data-driven and informed decisions about technology investments, cybersecurity, and IT governance to drive business growth and innovation.

Data Governance and Compliance Framework

This helps establish policies, processes, and controls to ensure data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. Our data experts work with you to develop a custom framework that aligns with industry standards, enabling you to manage data effectively and mitigate risks.

Talent Management

Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent for your GCC. We help you create strategies for talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies to ensure you have the right people maintaining the GCC operations for longer periods.

Office Space Management

Optimize the use of your office space to enhance productivity and collaboration. We provide solutions for space planning, furniture selection, and office layout design to create a functional and inspiring work environment.

Feedback-based PIP

The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) set in place helps you address performance issues from time to time. We guide over setting clear goals, providing constructive feedback, and implementing a plan to support staff development and ongoing operational and IT success.

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