How to Create FAQs for Customer Onboarding in 5 Easy Steps

Creating FAQs for customer onboarding is probably the best decision you’re making. These FAQs will help your customers resolve any queries and understand your product/service better. And eventually, you’ll be able to generate more revenue. In this blog, you’ll learn how to create intuitive and useful FAQs in just 5 steps using PrepAI. PrepAI is

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Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind While Setting an English Question Paper

Are you frequently tasked with creating or setting question papers? Do you want an effective method to help you create good question papers? If you said yes, you’ve come to the right place. This blog talks about how to set an English question paper and the top things to keep in mind. And this is

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6 Advantages of Power BI Dashboard: Should You Consider It?

If you want to scale your business and make the most of data, Power BI is one of the best business intelligence tools you can bank upon. Why? Well, unlike other Business Intelligence tools, Microsoft’s Power BI has a better GUI, which is easier to understand and requires no coding at all. Just drag and

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50+ Best Resume Parsing Software and APIs

Tired of manually going through hundreds of resumes each time you post a job on social media or job boards? Well, you’re not alone. Recruiters across the globe face this problem. However, there is a solution: a resume parser or a resume parsing software! But what is resume parsing, and how can it help? Read along

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8 Not So Common Icebreaker Activities for Team Building

Merely hiring experienced or skilled employees isn’t enough to ensure success for your company. You need to make your skilled/experienced employees collaborate on their strengths and work together as a team towards a single goal while embracing each other’s weaknesses and strengths. But how can you do that? If you have this question on your

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How to Create an Organizational Culture Quiz in 5 Easy Steps

A well-defined and effective culture can lead your organization toward success. And an ill-defined one can lead to doomsday. But how can you determine whether the organizational culture at your company is effective and on the right path? Well, one of the best ways to determine whether your organizational culture is impactful and worthy, is

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How to Create a Quiz Online for Students in 5 Easy Steps?

As a teacher, your checklist may include several things, such as marking attendance, delivering lessons, or switching classes. However, one more thing that every tutor has to repeat on a regular basis is creating test or quiz assignments.  Whether it’s a weekly assessment or quarterly exam, you have to create question papers for your students.

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Top 6 Leading Machine Learning Companies in India in 2023

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It’s based on the idea that machines can learn from the data they’re fed and can identify patterns and make data-based decisions without much human intervention. Several businesses across the globe are using ML for predictive analysis, fraud detection, customer segmentation, understanding market trends, reducing customer churn,

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Top 5 Best Practices for Designing and Grading Exams

If you’re a teacher, you must be designing and grading exams for your students every few days. But are you doing it right? Maybe, maybe not. And if you aren’t, this blog can help. Exams help determine how the students are doing or how well they’re grasping the lessons. However, you can only trust the

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A Modern Learning Environment: All You Need to Know

If you were not living under a rock, you would’ve noticed how dramatically the education system has changed in the past few decades. Traditional fact-based learning has been replaced by higher-order thinking. And future skills such as problem-solving and books have been replaced by tablets or mobiles. However, one thing that hasn’t changed as dramatically

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