Comprehensive Data Analytics Solution for a Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products Company

Our Client

  • Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare products company headquartered in Delhi.
  • Products range from dermal, gastrointestinal, erectile dysfunction, and cardiovascular medications, to antibiotics.
  • The business functioned in these major domains: B2B, B2C, e-commerce, and modern trade.

Problem Statement

After several discussions with the client, we mutually agreed on the following challenges:
  • Operationally the organization had multiple stakeholders and each business unit head managed the specific division and the field teams internally. These heads didn’t have the required insights to determine the effectiveness of the field teams with respect to the modern trade channels.
  • The inability of the key account managers to analyze the impact of marketing and promotional activities on a granular level (region, state, city, etc.). These activations were account specific.
  • Lack of necessary information to understand which accounts or vendors are providing the ideal value and the correlation between them.
  • The client wanted to determine the reach of the various warehouses and stockists, the number of buyers, and the throughput trend using the eB2B data collected and stored in their systems.
  • For brand/product managers, they required a solution that can show the month-on-month performance of the brands in the portfolio in all the channels. This would help the concerned stakeholders to tweak the brand communication or improve it.
  • The overall process of data collection was appropriate, but the major challenge was to leverage it in the right manner for analysis.

Our Solution

To address the challenges faced by our client, we proposed and implemented a comprehensive data analytics solution leveraging business intelligence dashboards, specifically Power BI. The key elements of the solution were as follows:
Data Integration and Centralization
  • All relevant data sources (sales data, marketing data, promotional activities data, eB2B data, and more) were identified and integrated into a centralized data repository.
  • Accuracy, consistency, and reliability of the data were ensured by establishing standard data management processes.
  • Relevant KPIs and metrics were identified based on the specific requirements of different stakeholders.
Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • We used Power BI to create interactive and visually appealing dashboards.
  • The data from different sources were connected to these dashboards, allowing the stakeholders to access and analyze information seamlessly. The real-time data visualization enabled them to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.
Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Customized performance indicators were developed and displayed on the Power BI dashboards.
  • Stakeholders could monitor field team effectiveness, marketing impact, account and vendor performance, and brand performance across channels.
Granular Level Analysis and Actionable Recommendations
  • The dashboards had the functionality to slice and dice data based on regions, accounts, and vendors.
  • The solution that we incorporated into the operations provided actionable insights and recommendations to optimize field team effectiveness, marketing strategies, account and vendor management, and brand communication.

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Business Impact

The implementation of our system had a significant impact, such as:
  • ROI on marketing and promotional activities improved by 13% through optimized activations.
  • The productivity of the field team increased by 20%, resulting in improved resource allocation.
  • The stakeholders were able to identify high-value accounts and vendors, which eventually helped increase revenue by 7%. Strategic partnerships were initiated which reduced the procurement costs by 9%.
  • By the end of the FY, the brand perception score had increased by 15%, which eventually led to an increase in the market share by 11%.

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