Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning: Key Differences

Often, individuals in the technology world use the terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning interchangeably. However, while AI and ML are closely related, they’re different in almost every aspect. Want to know the difference between AI and Machine Learning or how they’re different? Read along. The internet is full of definitions that fail to define

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Everything You Need to Know About Large Language Models 

Large language models use NLP and deep learning technologies to deliver personalized and contextually relevant output for the given input. LLMs are powerful, robust, and useful to an enterprise. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits, challenges, applications, and examples of LLMs.  Artificial intelligence is growing leaps and bounds in recent times. Generative AI brought a revolution

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AI Revelation: Why Businesses Place Their Trust in These AI Powerhouses?

From cutting-edge technology to unparalleled expertise, discover how a few AI powerhouses are shaping the future of AI and earning the trust of enterprises worldwide. As enterprises are increasingly turning to AI to help them solve complex problems and make better decisions, a few key players have emerged as leaders in the field. These AI

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DataToBiz’s Data Engineering is Helping Enterprises Achieve Better ROI

With an increasing amount of data being generated every day, DataToBiz, a global enterprise has been equipping businesses in the United States with custom data-centric solutions to drive business growth and build modern data pipelines. “Data Engineering acts as an infrastructural layer, fueling rapid data-driven growth within business organizations,” says Ankush Sharma, Co-Founder, and CEO,

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Ankush Sharma on How AI is Revolutionizing Hiring – CEO Blindspots Podcast

🎧 Episode Overview In the latest episode of CEO Blindspots with Birgit Kamps, Ankush Sharma, the CEO of DataToBiz, shared his experience of developing and using HireLakeAI to successfully recruit and hire a talented team of professionals who contributed to the company’s recognition as one of the “Top 1000 fastest-growing firms”. Ankush explained how AI

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DataToBiz Celebrates 5 Years of Empowering Enterprises Through Data-driven Insights

DataToBiz, a global entity empowering enterprises with data-driven solutions for 5 years and counting! Their team of experts has unleashed the power of data to fuel growth across industries and tech hubs. “Data transformation is the alchemy that turns data to gold, and we are data alchemists for 5 years now,” says Ankush Sharma, Co-founder,

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HireLakeAI vs. Affinda vs. Sovren: Find the Best Resume Parsing Software

Parsing resumes using online AI-based software saves time, money, and resources for your business. Here, we’ll discuss the factors to consider when selecting an AI tool for recruiters and compare the features of HireLakeAI, Affinda, and Sovren resuming parsing software applications. Recruiters always have their hands full with tons of resumes. Accessing talent has become

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How Can Data Analytics Enhance Investment Decisions to Maximize Private Equity Returns?

As the data coming from company portfolios becomes vast and complex, a standard approach to private equity (PE) business analysis crumbles. It is no longer sufficient to get precise and data-rich insights to measure, track, and grow the performance of your company portfolios. As technology keeps evolving and businesses and their underlying operational models become

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Can EdTech Replace Classroom Teaching?

The world of education has been transformed by the onslaught of technology. The pace at which digital content is being created, disseminated, and consumed has sped up exponentially in recent years due to the widespread use of mobile devices, social media platforms, and other technologies. As a result, students today have access to an enormous

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Dimensionality Reduction Techniques in Data Science

Dimensionality reduction techniques are basically a part of the data pre-processing step, performed before training the model. Analyzing data with a list of variables in machine learning requires a lot of resources and computations, not to mention the manual labor that goes with it. This is precisely where the dimensionality reduction techniques come into the picture. The

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