Most Promising Business Intelligence Company in India

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to software that helps companies manage data. It includes tools for analyzing information, making decisions based on those analyses, and reporting results. We have been providing business intelligence solutions to our customers across the globe. We offer a wide range of services including data warehousing, reporting, analytics, dashboards, and mobile apps.

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6 Things to Consider Before Choosing EdTech Solutions for Your Institution

New educational technology has transformed learning and helped save educators’ and students’ time through customized functionality. It also increases efficacy and, like other technologies, provides convenience.  According to a report by EdWeek, 81% of educators in the United States said that the use of EdTech improved their system and communication with students during the COVID-19

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The Ultimate Guide to AIOps: The Future of IT Operations

The modern world is gearing up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with smart devices in its hands and rocket-fast data processing capabilities empowering business operations. Amidst the trends, automation and digitization emerge as the two major agendas that exist on the majority of business portfolios.  More than 80% of business organizations are going to increase

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Data Science for Risk Management

While 57% of senior-level executives rank “compliance and risk” as the top two risk categories that must be managed, only 36% of organizations have a formal risk management plan, and 69% of executives are not even confident about their current risk management policies.  The global enterprise risk landscape is highly volatile and teeming with new and critical

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Mixed Reality and AI for Safer Surgeries

Mixed reality and AI can help make surgeries safer by assisting surgeons during the process. From providing 3D imaging to handling instruments, AI is a vital part of the operating room. Here, we discuss what mixed reality means and how AI is taking surgeries to the next level. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision

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17 Most Important Data Science Trends of 2022

There’s nothing constant in our lives but change. Over the years, we’ve seen how businesses have become more modern, adopting the latest technology to boost productivity and increase the return on investment. Data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, and data science are the trending keywords in the current scenario. Enterprises want to adopt data-driven models

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15 Best Big Data Tools That You Need to Check Out Today!

Big Data is a large amount of data collected in real-time in various formats and structures. Latest technologies have simplified data gathering from multiple sources. Data warehouses and data lakes can store this data on-premises or on the cloud. However, the collected data is of no use to the business until it is analyzed. Basic data analytics tools like

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7 Ways to Get Ahead of the Competition Using Big Data for Supply Chain

Supply chain management and logistics have always been complex. Be it sourcing raw materials or delivering finished goods and managing returns, everything comes under the supply chain. Vendors, manufacturers, warehouses, logistics service providers, etc., are all a part of the supply chain. Supply chain management (SCM) relied on ERP software and outdated data storage systems. With

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Top 15 Computer Vision Companies to Watch Out for in 2022

The AI revolution has changed the world drastically and its impact is felt in all the industries across the globe. It has changed the way companies operate their traditional business resulting in an immense productivity boost. Most of the organizations some way or the other have already implemented some form of AI or are at

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Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch Out in 2022

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming an intrinsic part of every industry. From automobiles to manufacturing to finance, hospitality, media, and travel, AI technology is being adopted by SMEs and large enterprises. Giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook are investing heavily into researching AI and ML algorithms. It’s estimated that the global AI market will grow

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