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Good life, Great life Podcast: Ankush Sharma on DataToBiz and Entrepreneurship

🎧 Episode Overview

Ankush Sharma joined Brian Highfield in the 24th episode of Good Life, Great Life. Ankush shared his experiences starting his first entrepreneurship venture, DataToBiz, and how it changed him. A data evangelist by profession, Ankush, believes that data science is the answer to most complex business problems. Self-motivation defines Ankush’s career and is the foundation for DataToBiz. 

Listen to Ankush Sharma talk about how DataToBiz came into existence and the efforts he and his co-founder Parindsheel S Dhillon put in during the initial phase. Find out what the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the table and where DataToBiz stands today. 

💎 Key Takeaways: 

  • DataToBiz grew from two people (founder and co-founder) working part-time to employing 50 professionals in four years. 
  • Offering AI & BI consulting services is one side of the coin. The other side belongs to developing smart AI products like PrepAI (EdTech) and HireLakeAI (HR). 
  • Organic growth sets DataToBiz apart from the rest. Good clients and premium services are the stepping stones to a successful beginning. 
  • Every step is a challenge when it leads somewhere new. Self-motivation and zeal to learn keep one going. 
  • The pandemic has been good for DataToBiz. It helped set the stage to build a desirable work culture, hiring pipeline, and plan for the future. 

💬 Key Quotes:

“Hire people who are smarter than you so that you can delegate work and be confident that they’ll take care of it.” 

“The work culture in a startup should be a reflection of the founder, and for me, people come first.”

To Sum Up…

This episode is about an IT employee-turned-entrepreneur’s journey in the competitive world. It’s not just about the first step, but the subsequent steps Ankush has to take to establish and successfully run DataToBiz, an AI & BI consulting company. 

Attitude matters and Ankush Sharma shows why. 

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