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A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Big Data Implementation (Infographic)

Big data projects start by defining business needs. A step-by-step roadmap gives a clear picture of what results to expect from the project. The success of the establishment depends on how well the big data analytics model is integrated with the existing applications to provide seamless and real-time insights. 

A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Big Data Implementation

Consolidate Data Sources 

Finalize and build a big data solution for the business. Choose between Data Warehouse or Data Lake to collect data from multiple sources and build a data flow within the enterprise.  

Data Storage 

The master data storage sends historical and real-time data for analytics. Choose technologies to build the data architecture and leverage big data solutions. 

Prepare and Train Data

The quality of data determines the accuracy of the analytics. Clean, format, prepare, and train data to deliver actionable insights for better decisions. 

Data Governance 

Manage big data flow in the business and set up employee access to master data storage. Ensure consistency in data quality while optimizing cost and resources spent on the project. 

Data Visualization 

Establish a data-driven model and build self-service analytics at different verticals in the organization. Invest in data visualization tools to generate in-depth graphical reports at any time. 

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