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11 Top Cloud Transformation Service Providers in the USA

Cloud technologies promote greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. Migrating the business processes to the cloud requires expert guidance. Here, we’ll discuss the top cloud transformation service providers in the US and how businesses navigate the ever-changing market. 

There has been a growing demand for digital transformation cloud adoption in the last few years, with many SMBs, MSMEs, and large enterprises moving their business processes and data to various public and private cloud platforms. The businesses rely on top cloud transformation companies to create the strategy and implement the changes across the establishments. Cloud transformation enables businesses to host their IT infrastructure on secure cloud platforms and remotely backup data for easy access. 

Statistics show that 96% of businesses use the public cloud, while 84% use the private cloud. Almost 80% of organizations use multiple public clouds, and 60% have admitted to using more than one private cloud. Moreover, global spending on cloud computing services is expected to be $679 billion this year and is estimated to reach $947.3 billion by 2026. 

In this blog, we’ll read more about cloud migration and check out the cloud transformation companies list with leading service providers in the US.

What is Cloud Transformation Service?

Cloud transformation service is an end-to-end process of migrating data, applications, tools, frameworks, and software programs to a secure cloud platform. Instead of hosting the IT infrastructure on-premises, it will be built, scaled, customized, and upgraded on a remote cloud. This empowers the business to strengthen the security layers, easily access data from any location, encourage collaborations and remote working and quickly adopt new digital transformation technologies. It also facilitates faster development of AI and ML-based models to make data-driven decisions. 

Which companies are moving to the cloud? Many well-known companies have invested heavily in digital cloud transformation to streamline processes and gain a competitive edge. For example, Apple, eBay, General Electric (GE), Netflix, Capital One, etc., have successfully adopted cloud solutions.

What are the Three Biggest Cloud Provider Platforms?

While there are many names on the cloud service providers list, the top three places have almost always belonged to the tech giants. Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and Google (Cloud) are the three biggest cloud provider platforms with a total global 66% market share. According to the reports, Amazon Web Services had a 31% market share in the last quarter of 2023, Azure had 24%, and Google had 11%. 

So, what are the top 5 cloud companies? Alibaba Cloud was in fourth place with a 4% market share, and Salesforce was fifth with a 3% market share for the same period (2023 Q4). Popular companies like Oracle and IBM Cloud are also on the list. 

11 Top Cloud Transformation Service Providers in the USA


DataToBiz is among the best cloud transformation companies in the US, offering end-to-end solutions to migrate business systems to a cloud platform. It focuses on making a business more agile, efficient, and productive. The company offers short-term and long-term solutions after evaluating the current business position and future objectives. It is a certified partner of Microsoft, AWS, and Google, which enables the company to execute cloud transformation on multiple levels – application, infrastructure, data, business processes, and culture. It provides continuous support throughout the cloud transformation roadmap and is a long-term business partner for many leading organizations from different industries. Reduce costs, optimize business processes, and enhance customer experience with DataToBiz. 


PwC is a global company offering an array of cloud and digital transformation services. It helps businesses accelerate growth by empowering them with cloud technologies. The company transforms the business at various levels by giving the same importance to IT, processes, and people. It has years of experience and industry know-how to develop a business-first approach to cloud migration. As one of the top companies using cloud computing, PwC powers digital innovation. From developing the strategy to executing it and delivering the results, the company takes care of everything. It also handles cloud compliance and security solutions to keep business data safe from unauthorized access. 


Deloitte is a popular cloud transformation service provider with clients from different parts of the world. It works with medium and large enterprises to create new possibilities for business growth and make the most of market opportunities. The company provides access to the latest technology and talent to facilitate faster cloud migration and digital integration into the business. It focuses on transforming the organization’s vision into a competitive advantage. Engineering, innovation, and strategy are the three key aspects of the company’s services. Deloitte helps identify the critical areas in businesses and transforms them to future-proof the organizations’ processes. 


Kyndryl is the world’s largest IT infrastructure provider, with clients from around the globe. It provides secure cloud digital transformation solutions and outcome-based modernization based on business requirements. The company takes a 360-degree approach to identify and solve the various challenges an organization faces in competitive markets. It implements modern security measures to safeguard business data while ensuring compliance, governance, and visibility. Kyndryl processes are user-friendly and promote the use of self-service models. It also specializes in hybrid cloud management to help businesses optimize cloud environments to achieve their goals and create more freedom when making decisions. 


Persistent is a digital engineering and enterprise modernization company offering in-depth insights to provide answers to businesses even before they have asked the questions and to anticipate what’s next. From imagining new business models to increasing agility and reducing costs, the company uses IT infrastructure modernization as a tool to achieve various goals for clients. Its cloud and digital transformation services include strategy and design, intelligent automation, data security, enterprise integration, and more. The company offers hybrid and multi-cloud transformation along with Persistent Intelligent IT Operations (PiOps) by helping organizations choose the best cloud partner from its vast ecosystem. 


Zymr is a software development and cloud service provider that aims to build healthier and sustainable digital ecosystems for businesses from different industries. It has certified AWS developers to migrate the organizations’ systems to cloud platforms and set up the necessary integrations. The company believes in futuristic vision strategies to promote the cloud-first approach and empower clients to be more innovative, scalable, and secure. It helps accelerate digital transformation through an agile plan made after analyzing the current position of the clients. Zymr combines cloud-forward strategies and native AI-based software development to strengthen business processes. 


CodeBright is an award-winning company offering a plethora of complex software development and cloud security solutions in the industry. It works with startups to identify and eliminate the threats associated with data storage on the cloud by providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. The company also offers SaaS (Software as a Service) development services to help businesses build applications on cloud platforms. It also provides automation solutions in the manufacturing industry along with artificial intelligence, Salesforce, mobile development, API integrations, and much more. CodeBright’s strategic consulting services are helpful for startups and SMBs from several industries. 

Vrinsoft Technology

Vrinsoft Technology is a leading web and mobile development company offering cloud native transformation for various organizations in the US, India, and other countries. It helps formulate and implement the best digital transformation strategy to suit the changing dynamics of the digital era. The company re-engineers legacy systems and empowers a business through rapid restructuring to enhance efficiency and productivity. It has certified teams for cloud migration and development to platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. The company also provides services such as robotic process automation, enterprise mobility, IoT (Internet of Things) development, blockchain, etc.  

IT Svit

IT Svit is an IT DevOps and AI Outsourcing company that offers in-depth and experienced cloud computing services in the US. It helps organizations design, implement, maintain, and scale cloud technologies and migrate their systems to single or multiple cloud platforms. The company focuses on cost efficiency while making the IT infrastructure more reliable and flexible. Be it AWS and Google Cloud services or cloud integration, testing, and optimization, the company has vast expertise to provide transformative solutions to business organizations. It also works with several open-source cloud-based modules like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, etc., to replace outdated systems with advanced versions. 


KPMG is one of the top companies using cloud computing solutions to offer a range of services to organizations from the US. It is an audit, tax, and advisory firm that blends modern technical skills and innovative solutions to accelerate the transformation journey. The company believes that the cloud is a driving force for digital transformation and helps businesses connect, manage, and optimize their processes across all levels. It helps in aligning IT strategies with business goals to develop the cloud vision roadmap and a suitable business model. KPMG offers services for data strategy and architecture, cloud migration and modernization, cloud emerging technologies, hybrid and multi-cloud management, etc. 


*instincttools is a software development and consulting firm with a presence in the US and Germany. It helps in establishing a modern cloud foundation for the business and overcoming challenges. The company offers cloud transformation services and supports businesses in the end-to-end cloud adoption journey by offering technology, expertise, tools, and resources. Cloud migration, cloud native development, automation, DevOps, application modernization, cloud-to-cloud migration, cloud optimization, and management, etc., are some services provided by the company. It empowers the business to scale its IT infrastructure, increase the speed to market, reduce operational costs, and improve data security. The company works with different types of cloud platforms. 

Stages of Cloud Transformation Journey

Cloud transformation is part of a digital transformation strategy with a comprehensive process that takes place in multiple stages. It is a journey where the organization changes its core processes across different departments and verticals to improve business efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and performance. Digital transformation companies provide end-to-end support to businesses in this journey.


The first step is to plan the cloud transformation strategy by understanding the business mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives. This serves as a blueprint to initiate the changes and develop pilot projects. 


Select suitable tools and technologies to execute the strategy and achieve the desired results. Consider if the strategy is aligned with the business vision, customer expectations, and industry standards. For example, choose between public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud services.   


The third step is to optimize the processes, apps, and tools when building them on the cloud. This ensures that adequate resources are allocated without increasing costs. Optimization helps maximize value from cloud transformation. Businesses should also promote the cloud-first mindset in employees and align the new developments with cultural changes. 


The global market is changing rapidly. Businesses also need to adapt to these changes to stay relevant in competitive conditions. Modernizing the applications and processes will enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, which help in grabbing market opportunities. 


No journey is complete without measuring the results of the efforts. Track cloud migration processes and business KPIs to set up continuous optimization. Implement the necessary changes to completely transform the business into a modern and digital entity. 

In Conclusion

Digital transformation and cloud computing go hand in hand in today’s world. Cloud transformation services can revamp the organization’s processes and empower the employees and management to become a digital-first business. 

The success of cloud transformation and optimization depends on how well the service provider understands the business requirements to provide tailored solutions. Take time to choose the right cloud transformation partner in the US and become an industry leader. 

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