Simplifying the efficient data collection & visualization using low-code platforms

Our Client

  • A prominent educational institution in Africa, operating a network of branches across various regions and maintaining a presence in over 100 different schools.
  • Under a mission to modernize their administrative processes, they’ve adopted contemporary approaches to stay ahead in the education sector

Problem Statement

Our client had identified the need for a centralized solution to streamline administrative tasks, enhance data security, and simplify data management across their diverse network of branches. They faced several significant challenges:

  • Scattered data: Managing a multitude of data types across multiple schools with varying formats and structures resulted in data inconsistencies and operational inefficiencies.
  • Compliance Issues: Ensuring that only authorized personnel had access to specific functionalities and sensitive data presented security and compliance challenges.
  • Scalability Concerns: The client faced the challenge of making the application easily scalable and flexible for future branch growth without causing disruptions.
  • Prone to Errors: Administrative processes were primarily manual, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and delays in their operations, causing them significant difficulty in operations.
  • Data Management Complexity: Data was dispersed across various systems, making it cumbersome to access and consolidate for effective decision-making.
  • Security Concerns: Due to the decentralized nature of their operations, the client had significant concerns about data security, which posed challenges they needed to address.

Our Solution

To tackle these challenges effectively, Our developers advised cost-efficient, low-code custom app development for seamless data capture. We then leveraged Power BI for analysis and integrated it with MS Teams, enhancing data-driven collaboration. We also implemented:

(Solution Architecture)

  • End-to-end Digital Transformation: DataToBiz introduced a Centralised Student Information System (SIS) as part of a digital transformation to streamline administrative tasks, enhance data security, and ensure data consistency.
  • SIS for Centralization: Our developers successfully implemented a Centralised Student Information System (SIS), providing real-time data updates and efficient enrollment management to enhance data centralization and operational efficiency.
  • Custom Application Development: Our specialized development team created a highly tailored application using a low-code development platform, perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of the institution.
  • Role-Based Authentication (RBA): The application incorporated an advanced RBA system, allowing precise control over user permissions, ensuring data security, and strict adherence to regulatory compliance.
  • Flexible Data Structuring: We implemented a dynamic data structuring mechanism to accommodate various data types while maintaining data integrity and consistency.
  • Scalability Planning: The application’s architecture was meticulously designed with scalability in mind, ensuring seamless expansion with the addition of new branches.
  • Technologies and Tools Used: SharePoint, PowerApps, PowerBI, Excel, and CSV were the key tools harnessed by our team to craft and implement these innovative solutions.

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Business Impact

The successful development and implementation of a role-based authentication and data structuring application by the company has led to a transformative impact on education management. This case study demonstrates the potential of technology in modern educational administration.


  • Efficient Data Management: The application streamlined data entry, storage, retrieval, and analysis, significantly reducing manual effort and minimizing errors for the company.
  • Enhanced Security: Role-based authentication granted the company granular control over user access, fortifying data security and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Structured Data: Data was organized cohesively, facilitating reporting, analytics, and data-driven decision-making processes, enhancing overall efficiency for the company.
  • Seamless Expansion: The application effortlessly scaled as the company expanded, accommodating new branches without interruptions, thereby supporting growth.
  • High User Adoption: Comprehensive user training and support ensured widespread adoption for the client, maximizing the application’s benefits and ultimately contributing to the company’s thriving success.
  • Accelerated Data Entry: The overall data entry and management time was reduced drastically, shifting from days to mere minutes, revolutionizing operational efficiency.
    The client enabled a complete digital shift in their education management, exemplifying the potential of technology in modern educational administration.

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