From Manual to Machine: How AI and Machine Learning Revolutionised Maritime Risk Management

Discover how a UK-based maritime risk management company leveled up its maritime operations, reduced costs, improved risk management, and sharpened decision-making with AI and ML solutions by DataToBiz.

This case study includes:

About The Client!

A trusted maritime risk management company based in London, UK, known for its expertise in maritime safety, overseeing 15,000+ ships on and off-guard. With a renowned dynamic team of Mariners, Statisticians, and Marine experts, they specialise in improving maritime safety through the strategic use of the latest technology for on-time risk analysis.

Understanding the Client’s Vision and Problems!

The client had the following expectations and objectives from the collaboration: Data Format Standardisation, Incident Severity Classification, Predictive Risk Assessment, Root Cause Analysis

From Strategy to Success: Solutions & All-around Impact!

After analysing the set of challenges brought to the table, our data engineers and developers developed a comprehensive solution that can be monitored in three major parts i.e. Automating Data Conversion, Automating Incident Filtering, and Automating the Existing Risk Model With AI.

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