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Sales Dashboard for Business Teams

Advanced analytical reporting solution that seamlessly integrates your sales data into MS Power BI and provides you with accurate and actionable sales reports.

Leverage Sales Data into Microsoft Power BI

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Challenges in implementing Sales Processes in reporting

No attention to detail regarding what's driving the results.

Unable to create variance analysis without shifting data to MS excel.

A general lack of data visualization makes trends and relative scales harder to identify.

Summary-level reports do not provide details on underlying transactions.

Too many professionals manage the reports at once.

Generating clear reporting hierarchies that group up non-relevant information becomes difficult.

Requires IT support

Finance Analytics Solutions by DataToBiz

Balance Sheet Analysis

Detailed analysis of net working capital, accounts payable and accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets over the balance sheet.

Cashflow Statement

Detailed display of your cash management performance, plus account balance movements analysis.

Profit & Loss Reports

Examine revenue, margins, operating expenses, and profits in detail for your P&L statement. With a simple slicer selection, switch to a "percentage of revenue" view.

Sales Analytics Solutions by DataToBiz

Customer Sales Analysis

Maximize profits by unlocking the buying behavior of your customers with our advanced sales analysis.

Comparative Analysis

Gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the game with our powerful comparative analytics.

Geospatial Analysis

Discover new opportunities and make informed decisions by visualizing accurate location-based insights.

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