Retail Firm’s Journey of Business Expansion with the GCC as a Service Engagement Model

Our Client

  • A leading MNC in the retail sector with operations in over 13 countries.
  • With brick-and-mortar to online stores, the company is known for its quality goods and fast delivery services.
  • The retail brand contains all consumer goods, from electronic items to apparel to vegetables and household goods.

Problem Statement

With ongoing expansion projects in 3+ countries, the client needed to enhance operational efficiency and streamline global processes, aiming to reduce costs globally through technology. In the process, they faced multiple hurdles:
    • Operational Lag:

      With a stable technology system in place for their multiple stores, the expansion projects, however, had scattered systems and processes across different regions, leading to inefficiencies and high operational costs.

    • Lack of Standardization:

      Inconsistent procedures and standard governance and security policies were causing consistent compliance issues and delays.

    • Scalability Issues:

      Difficulty in scaling operations amid global expansion to meet increasing demand in emerging markets.

    • Global Talent Shortage:

      With multiple business setups, the offices needed to fill their talent gaps, but only for a short period, hence facing challenges in attracting and retaining skilled talent for critical business functions.

    • Technology Gaps:

      Outdated technology infrastructure hindering innovation and digital transformation efforts

Our Solution

Our COO, data engineers, and developers were involved closely with the project and suggested GCC as a service engagement model.

  • Centralized Operations:  Established a GCC to centralize key business processes, leading to streamlined operations and reduced overlaps.
  • Standardization and Best Practices:  Implemented standardized procedures and best data security practices across all projects, ensuring consistency and compliance throughout the expansion.

  • Advanced Technology Integration: Upgraded the client’s technology infrastructure, integrating advanced analytics, BI reporting, AI, and automation tools to enhance productivity and innovation.

  • Talent Acquisition and Development: With staff augmentation solutions, we quickly filled short-term talent needs, provided training to upskill employees, and implemented retention strategies to keep skilled talent long-term.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Designed and implemented a scalable GCC model that allows for easy expansion into new markets, supporting the client’s growth ambitions.

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Business Impact

    • Operational Cost Reduction: Achieved a 19% reduction in operational costs through streamlined processes and centralized operations.

    • Improved Efficiency: Increased process efficiency by 30%, leading to faster turnaround times and improved service delivery.

    • Enhanced Compliance: Achieved 80% compliance with global regulatory standards through standardized procedures.

    • Talent Retention with Staff Augmentation: Increased talent retention rate by 18% with effective training and development programs.

    • Scalability: Successfully scaled operations to 5 new markets within the first 2 years, driving a 12% increase in global market share.

    • Technology-Driven Growth: With a bend toward advanced technology and innovation, the client stood as a testament to innovation and technological sustainability, with an increase in digital customer engagement.

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