GenZ Fashion Brand’s Growth with Marketing Cockpit

Our Client

  • A leading online retail brand specializing in GenZ fashion and accessories, serving a global customer base with a strong digital presence.
  • It’s your one-stop online shop for the latest Genz apparel(unisex) and a wide range of full-body accessories.
  • The company is not only known for its quirky brand voice with fun marketing tactics, creative content, and social media presence.

Problem Statement

The client was looking for an effective data visualization system, to understand and predict customer behavior, and modern marketing needs, which led to facing these challenges:
    • Data Overload:

      The company’s IT systems with massive amounts of data from various marketing channels (social media, email campaigns, PPC ads, etc.) without a unified system to consolidate and analyze it.

    • Low Conversion Rates:

      Despite high traffic and engagement over marketing channels, their digital marketing team experienced low conversion rates and lacked visibility into customer behavior patterns and preferences.

    • Campaign Performance Tracking:

      Difficulty in tracking and measuring the effectiveness of paid marketing campaigns running across multiple channels.

    • GenZ Segmentation:

      Repeated strategies, Inadequate segmentation, and targeting led to generic marketing strategies that failed to engage specific customer segments effectively.

Our Solution

After conducting a thorough assessment of the fashion site’s current marketing data infrastructure and analytics needs. Our analytics experts asked the Power BI team to craft a personalized marketing analytics dashboard for the client.
Custom Marketing Analytics Dashboard In Place

    • Integrated data from all marketing channels(social media, email campaigns, PPC ads, etc.) into a single, user-friendly dashboard.
    • Enabled real-time tracking and visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer acquisition cost, conversion rates, and ROI.
    • Put in place advanced customer segmentation tools to tailor marketing strategies to specific audiences.

    • Addressed individual drops in the final marketing funnel stages, ensuring more effective strategies to counter such issues.

    • Provided detailed insights into the performance of individual marketing campaigns, including ROI and customer engagement metrics.

    • Introduced predictive analytics to forecast trends and customer behavior, to facilitate prompt decision-making.

Implementation, Training, and Support

    • Delivered initial set-up and weekly training sessions for the digital marketing team and related stakeholders to ensure effective use of the new dashboard and ongoing support to address any issues.
    • Seamless integration of the dashboard with existing IT, marketing, and sales workflows, minimizing loopholes and ensuring a smooth transition from manual to automated analysis.

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Business Impact

By integrating our pre-built marketing analytics with their platform, the e-commerce company saw a significant boost in performance, transforming its entire marketing approach while maintaining its unique, quirky brand voice. The installation of the marketing dashboard helped with:
    • The marketing team now makes confident, data-driven decisions, leading to more effective strategies.
    • After implementing the dashboard, conversion rates increased by 2.3 times within three months.
    • Targeted marketing campaigns led to a 27% increase in customer engagement.
    • Efficient allocation of marketing budgets resulted in $89k in cost savings, reducing overall costs by 15% and improving ROI.
    • Real-time access to marketing performance data allowed quick strategy adjustments, leading to more agile marketing operations.
    • Advanced customer segmentation gave deeper insights into GenZ’s preferences, improving personalized marketing efforts significantly while maintaining the brand tone.

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