Streamlining the Operations of a Global Spa and Wellness Enterprise Using AI and BI solutions

Our Client

  • A global spa and wellness company based in Canada. They have their centers spread across North America. The company has its own range of wellness products that they sell through the website and mobile application.

Problem Statement

Our client was looking for artificial intelligence and business intelligence solutions to boost sales, reduce operational costs and increase the efficiency of the processes.
Some other concerns were as follows:
  • Sales of their branded products were stagnant for 2 quarters.
  • Repeat customer rate showed a declining trend.
  • Multiple sources of unprocessed data and lack of a central data warehouse.
  • Limited number of customer service and front desk staff to address the growing customer queries and concerns.
  • Time-consuming booking process.
  • Absence of a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of all KPIs.
  • Unable to forecast the demand for the products or services. Monitor inventory levels in a better manner.

Our Solution

Our team of experts carefully understood each problem and jotted down what all needs to be done. A flow of work was decided.
  • All the data had to be sourced and stored in a centralized solution.
  • Analyze the data from various sources and build a consistent data model in the cloud.
  • Create dashboards to visualize the data in a better manner.
  • Build a recommendation engine based on the collaborative filtering model for the product segment of the business.
  • An AI system for dynamic pricing as per the demand and other variables like seasonality, weather, availability, etc.
  • Develop an AI chatbot for guiding the customers, booking an appointment, answering their queries and addressing their complaints.
  • Model a medical expert bot to assist spa professionals and therapists.

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Business Impact

  • The introduction of our recommendation engine resulted in increasing sales of the client’s products by 53%. Repeat customer rate improved on an average of 17% per quarter.
  • Bookings increased by 36% with improved visitor spread.
  • Operational costs were reduced by 1/4th in a quarter.
  • Customer satisfaction rating improved by half a point as more queries were addressed by the AI chatbot.

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