Production to Real-Time Profits: Optimizing Workflow for a Manufacturing Firm with Tailored Analytics

Our Client

  • The company is a prominent electronic vehicle (EV) auto parts manufacturer based in the USA, specializing in the automotive sector.
  • Renowned for their quality and innovative product line, they produce various diverse electronic vehicle components.
  • Operating globally, our client manages a supply chain involving suppliers, advanced manufacturing facilities, and a widespread distribution system with multiple stakeholders.

Problem Statement

Our client faced a significant challenge in managing extensive volumes of company data. They were uncertain about how to effectively handle this data, as they lacked a proper analytics structure, resulting in these many associated challenges.
    • Inefficient Workflow:

      Outdated systems and manual processes slowed the automotive manufacturing line. Without real-time insights, delays and inefficiencies became commonplace. The need for a streamlined and modernized workflow was clear to boost overall efficiency.

    • Supply Chain Bottlenecks:

      The automotive company struggled to spot and tackle supply chain bottlenecks. This led to frequent stockouts and overstock situations, impacting profits. Streamlining the supply chain became crucial to respond promptly to market needs and ensure sustained profitability.

    • Data Silos:

      Data scattered across various systems created a headache for the automotive manufacturer. Without a central hub, gaining actionable insights became cumbersome. Integrating data for a unified view was essential to enhance decision-making and overall operational effectiveness.

Our Solution

With the discussed challenges, our data engineers implemented end-to-end tailored analytics for manufacturing optimization in place:

  • Managed Manufacturing Analytics:  Implemented advanced analytics tools to analyze production data in real time, facilitating proactive decision-making. Introduced predictive modeling for accurate production forecasting.
  • Custom Power BI Dashboard: Curated a customized and user-friendly dashboard designed to offer real-time insights into Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) scores and comprehensive manufacturing performance, empowering the stakeholders (deployed developers and internal team) with a deeper understanding of operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Data Warehousing: Consolidated data into a centralized warehouse, enabling seamless integration for a comprehensive view of operations in the automotive manufacturing sector.

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Business Impact

Our deployed data engineers ensured that the implemented solutions(managed analytics framework and the custom PI dashboards) are practical and real-time, hence it yielded these positive outcomes for the automotive company:

  • Improved Production Efficiency: Reduced production delays by 18%, ensuring a smoother workflow.
    Increased production output by 15%, meeting market demands with enhanced efficiency.

  • Supply Chain OptimizationCut stockouts by 19%, addressing supply chain bottlenecks.
    Boosted overall supply chain efficiency by 12% through improved inventory turnover.

  • Stakeholder Communication:Facilitated transparent communication with stakeholders, ensuring alignment with immediate operational objectives.

  • Improved OEE Score:Provided real-time insights on the supply chain through a custom dashboard, enabling quick decision-making.
    Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) score by 12%, optimizing production machinery and reducing downtime.

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