Transforming the Human Resources Operations of a Leading Financial Establishment

Our Client

  • A leading private sector bank operating across India. It has a network of more than 5000 branches and a workforce of more than 95,000 employees.

Problem Statement

Here were some of the concerns shared by the client:
  • Difficulties in tracking the lifecycle of candidates from application to onboarding. Problems in streamlining and analyzing the applicants’/candidates’ demographics in different stages of the recruitment process (shortlisted, interviewed, selected, etc.).
  • High attrition rate and the lack of insights to kick start new but effective graduates’ job programs.
  • Most of the work such as analyzing the data was done manually and hence was error-prone.

Our Solution

Here’s how we approached the problem:
  • We gathered the requirements from the stakeholders in the HR department. We concluded that a business intelligence (BI) solution is required to address the challenges faced by the client.
  • We acquired the data from multiple sources and created a quality data model which was scalable and less cumbersome.
  • Next, we put effort into cleaning the data such as unnecessary segments, columns, characters, etc to make the dataset useful.

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Technical Architecture


Business Impact

  • A significant drop in the time earlier spent on manual reporting and creating spreadsheets. The client reported a 67% reduction in the overall time spent on reporting activities.
  • The middle and top management were able to gauge the performance of the department much better and helped them reduce activities that didn’t reap much output.
  • By combining human resources with business analytics, the concerned employees were able to add much more value to the HR processes. It helped them structure and execute the graduates’ job program better. They were able to identify the best talents from various universities for the graduates’ program.
  • The team was able to identify the top recruitment sources for them to get the candidates having the right skills, qualifications, and other traits that they looked for.

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