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Custom Computer Vision and Video Analytics Solutions

DatatoBiz Provides Text-Image-Video Analytics Solutions for Enabling Enterprises to derive actionable insights from Images, Videos and to increase business efficiency. Prescriptive Analytics Based Solutions for Enterprises to perform Real-time analysis on videos, images as they are streamed.

Image Analytics

Text Analytics

Video Analytics

Face Detection and Recognition


How Computer Vision can help you?

Detect Anomaly

Reduce Human Intervention

Save time


Expand the Limits of Your Security Capabilities

Next-gen personalization

Reach out to millions of people with individually customized messages. Take full advantage of our computer vision consulting services to deliver precise CV-driven content recommendations and dramatically reduce churn while increasing ARPU.

Our ML-driven Computer Vision know-hows

Real-time video analysis

✔ Highly performant object detection and tracking
✔ As fast as 1 ms per frame video processing
✔ Cutting-edge object identification
✔ Real-time object attribute collection
✔ Comprehensive object profile creation
✔ Seamless behavior and/or action detection
✔ Intuitive user-facing tools for results analysis and post-processing
✔ Dealing with moving camera footage, occlusions, poor lighting conditions, and more

Performance-vs-accuracy optimization system

✔ Optimal balance between image analysis accuracy and system performance
✔ Frame-accurate tool to generate and compare performance-vs-accuracy data
✔ Custom performance testing framework
✔ Advanced ELK-based logging and fully-automatic real-time accuracy reporting

Non-supervised AI-driven content classification

✔ Proprietary architectures for meta extraction and next-gen semantic analysis
✔ Video clusterization and timeline segmentation
✔ Identifying implicit relationships between videos
✔ Automated sentiment detection
✔ Substance abuse flagging
✔ Fraudulent content identification

Success Stories


DatatoBiz contributors annotated 17 visible body parts in 1000 photos of people playing various sports, to help an early-stage venture fund train their computer vision model to analyze video frames. The image annotation was done by plotting about 15 anatomical key points per frame.

Why DatatoBiz for Computer Vision Services?

Proactive R&D

We constantly work on internal computer vision software development projects to try out new concepts and proactively address challenges. These ready-to-use know-hows are then tapped into to effectively solve your problem, helping cut costs and minimize time-to-market.

Hands-on expertise in the video domain

Since 2005, we have accumulated profound video domain expertise, including live streaming, VoD, VR, and 360° video. These know-hows dovetail with our computer vision skills to help us deliver end-to-end solutions in verticals from sports to healthcare to adtech.

Lowering TCO and minimizing risks the video domain

Mitigate risks and allocate effort in the most effective way possible by leveraging the best methodology for the task at hand. Whether a non-standard challenge or a more typical CV integration task, our balanced engagement approach results in maximum cost and time savings.

Areas where Computer Vision Services could be applied

Digital twin


Quality control

Robotic process automation





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