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Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Find the Blind Spots in your Marketing Performance

Our interactive dashboard provides a clear view of your marketing performance. Track key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your next marketing campaign.

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Reduce the Hassle of Multiple Analytics Platforms

Don’t get lost in the direction, leverage our marketing analytics solution that uses Power BI to gather and display all of your marketing KPIs in a look. The dashboard is integrated with native statistics from Matomo, GA4, Google Ads, MS Clarity, Google Search Console, and others, our platform offers a full and transparent view of your marketing performance. Its user-centric design and features set it apart, making it simpler to track key trends, produce insightful reports, and make informed marketing decisions.

Detect the Funnel Leakage

With detailed insights and clear data visualizations, our marketing analytics platform helps you with automated data handling, and timely insights and optimizes your inconsistent reporting patterns in marketing. By knowing which campaigns deliver the best results, you can allocate your budget more effectively and ensure ad spending drives better outcomes. Use advanced marketing analytics to track performance, and continuously refine your approach for smarter, more impactful marketing.

Multiple Analytics Platforms

Identify What’s Working and What’s Not
Marketing Cockpit

Consider your entire marketing analysis journey from ideation to ROI as a funnel, and see how our marketing cockpit adds value to your marketing efforts!

Capture Insights in a Unified View

Unify Data: Connect all marketing channels (website, social, email, ads) into one platform for a complete view.

Track Every Interaction: Capture clicks, and conversions, & understand the customer journey.

Automate Collection: No manual entry, the marketing dashboard automatically collects and organizes your data for you.

Optimize with Data-driven Insights

Data-backed Decisions: Back your marketing strategies with data, not guesswork. Allocate resources effectively.

A/B Test & Improve: Test variations of campaigns to see what resonates with your audience and continuously improve.

Automate Tasks: Free up time by automating repetitive tasks like sending emails or managing ad budgets.

Analyze Clearly with Interactive Visualizations

Visualize Your Data: Interactive dashboards make data clear, helping you identify trends and opportunities.

Go Deep: Go beyond the surface with detailed reports on specific campaigns, channels, or audiences.

Measure. Win. Repeat

Real-Time Monitoring: See campaign impact instantly. Track key metrics (traffic, conversions, ROI) to measure success.

Customizable Reports: Access custom Power BI reports. Share insights with stakeholders to keep everyone informed.

Focus on ROI: Concentrate efforts on marketing activities that deliver the highest return on investment.

Marketing Cockpit- The Process Behind

A visual guide to your transformed marketing analytics journey

Go Beyond Limitations of Usual Analytics

Comparative analysis from Native analytics and DataToBiz Marketing Cockpit with Power BI

Feature Usual Analytics DataToBiz Marketing Cockpit with Power BI
Data Sources

Limited to one platform at a time(GA4, Google Ads, MS Clarity, Google Search Console, etc)

Integrates Matomo, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Clarity, Google Sheets, Search Console & more
Data Flow

Manual & Time-Consuming

Automated ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) ensures seamless, up-to-date data

Inconsistent Metrics from multiple platforms at once

Unified Reporting Standards for clear comparisons across platforms


Actionable Insights empower data-driven decision-making

Fragmented View

Centralized Data Repository fosters transparency & teamwork

Are you using another data source? That's sorted too!

Marketing Cockpit is dynamic and scalable

Marketing Analytics Solution In Action

Refining Sales Strategies In E-Commerce With A Power BI Dashboard

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increase in customer engagement

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better lead conversion rates

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of quarterly cost savings

Marketers Around The World Say…

My marketing team used to spend hours brainstorming content ideas, but engagement was all over the place. With DataToBiz marketing analytics solution in place, we can finally see what content resonates with our audience, and what trends to follow. Now, we can focus on creating content that drives traffic and conversions.


DM Head

Generating qualified leads was a constant struggle. We were using all kinds of tools, making it impossible to track the customer journey. datato biz Power BI marketing analytics dashboard integration gave us a unified view of our marketing funnel. Now, we can see where leads are dropping off and optimize our campaigns to generate more qualified leads for our sales team.

Resolve Your Performance Issues with Custom Marketing Analytics

Scalable marketing analytics dashboard and management solutions

Comprehensive Data Integration

Our Marketing Solution using PowerBI seamlessly integrates data from a wide range of sources, including CRMs, ERPs, databases, and various web applications. This ensures a comprehensive view of all your business data, beyond just web and app analytics. Unlike Google Analytics and Matomo Native Analytics, which primarily focus on web and app data, our solution provides a broader and more inclusive data integration capability.

All-in-1 Power BI Reporting

Combine multiple web application reports into a single, cohesive dashboard with our Marketing Analytics Dashboard. This allows for a unified view of all your data sources, offering more flexibility and comprehensive insights than Google Analytics and Matomo Native Analytics, which are more limited to web analytics and offer less capability for combining diverse data reports.

User-Friendly Interface

Our Power BI Marketing dashboard features an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for non-technical users to create and interact with reports and dashboards. This user-centric design simplifies data analysis for everyone. In contrast, Google Analytics and Matomo Native Analytics can be complex, requiring a deeper understanding of web metrics and terminology.

Enhanced Sharing & Collaboration

Easily share dashboards and reports with stakeholders and in-loop them in various applications. Accessible on multiple devices, our marketing analytics dashboard enhances collaboration significantly more effectively than Google Analytics and Matomo Native Analytics, where sharing capabilities are not as seamless and flexible. Additionally, our marketing analytics solution supports comments on individual visuals, sharing to Teams and PowerPoint, and collaborative analysis.

Advanced Alerts & Focus Mode

Set alerts on individual visuals and utilize focus mode for detailed analysis with our Marketing Solution using PowerBI. These advanced features provide enhanced monitoring and insights, surpassing the capabilities of other analytics tools, which have limited alert functionalities and lack a focus mode.

Holistic Decision-Making Insights

Collect all key insights in one place and gain a holistic view of your data that goes beyond the limits of traditional web analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Matomo Native Analytics. Our marketing analytics dashboard also supports the implementation of ML models, row-level security, SQL endpoint availability, mobile compatibility, and extensive data manipulation and visualization capabilities.

Why Choose DataToBiz Marketing Cockpit?

Don’t let outdated analytics hold you back, experience the holistic benefits of our Marketing analytics solution with Power BI

Centralized Data Repository
Lakehouse-based Scalable Solutions
Automated Integration with Microsoft Fabric
Multiple Stakeholder Assistance
Enhanced Visualization with Power BI
Collaborative Environment

Build a Marketing Strategy That Works

Marketing Analytics Dashboard FAQs

What is a dashboard in marketing analytics?

A marketing analytics dashboard is a digital tool that displays key marketing metrics and insights in a single, easy-to-understand view. Think of it as a cockpit for your marketing efforts, giving you a quick overview of how your campaigns are performing.

Who uses the Marketing Analytics dashboard?

Marketing analytics dashboards are valuable for anyone involved in marketing activities, such as Marketing managers, Social media managers, Content marketers, Email, Marketing specialists, Marketing analysts, and Business owners.

What is an analytics dashboard?

An analytics dashboard (not specific to marketing) is a similar concept but can be used for any type of data analysis. It visually presents key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends from various data sources to help users track progress and make data-driven decisions.

How to build a marketing dashboard?

You have 2 options for this:

Use a pre-built marketing analytics platform: Many Power BI and analytics companies like DataToBiz offer pre-built dashboards with common marketing metrics and the ability to customize them to your specific needs.

Build your dashboard: This requires some technical knowledge but allows for complete customization. Tools like Power BI or Google Data Studio can be used for this purpose.

What data might be included in a marketing dashboard?

The data displayed will vary depending on your unique marketing goals, objectives, and metrics to tract, but some common metrics include:

– Website traffic

– Lead generation

– Conversion rates

– Social media engagement

– Email marketing performance

– Advertising campaign performance

– Return on investment (ROI)

What is a KPI dashboard?

A KPI dashboard is a specific type of analytics dashboard that focuses on displaying key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are countable metrics that track progress toward a specific goal. A KPI dashboard helps users monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement.

In the context of marketing, a KPI dashboard might include specific metrics such as Website Traffic, Conversion Rate, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Return on Investment (ROI), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Social Media Engagement, Email Open Rate, Click-through-Rate, and Lead Generation. Protection Status