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Power BI Solutions
for Manufacturing

Empower your manufacturing goals with a more proactive approach
to drive engagement and decision making with insights from data.


In this climate, only the most efficient manufacturers will survive and prosper. Our custom dashboard solutions are designed to offer a manufacturing edge – uncovering waste, streamlining production with just-in-time processes and monitoring operational effectiveness. Particularly challenging is the marketing advantage some countries gain from having an unregulated or subsidized manufacturing industry.

How Power BI Helps Align Manufacturing Industry Vision


Manufacturing dashboards can help with lean initiatives – by quantifying and visualizing data at the operational level. The right metrics can help you keep an eye on company-wide and regional performance metrics such as P&L, contract fulfillment and plant-by-plant performance.


Analyze manufacturing data to make decisions and take action before problems emerge, avoiding risk events and capitalizing on opportunities.


An operational dashboard can help plant staff monitor and reduce waste, lower defect rates and increase yield in production lines. An interactive reporting mechanism can keep shareholders and board members informed about quality metrics and related issues.


Use the information you gather to build new scheduling techniques, such as dynamic execution planning and sense and respond capabilities. See how your plant can become more flexible, productive and innovative.


Data visualization is a way to see your company in real-time – how people, systems, assets and inventories travel through the supply chain. Explore how much easier it is to manage multiple factories in a single view or increase overall efficiency.

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