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See the big picture from London to Sheffield with our Managed Analytics and Power BI solutions for UK real estate. Streamline data management, access real-time finance reporting, and powerful construction dashboards for every aspect of your portfolio.

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The UK real estate market calls for action more than intuition. With real estate market intelligence consultants by your side, make smarter moves for every part of your property portfolio.

Real-time insights via powerful construction dashboards, end-to-end data analysis, predictive modeling, comprehensive reporting, and actionable property data guide your investments, optimise asset management, streamline construction projects, and helps you in informed decision-making. Leave the guesswork behind and build a sustainable real estate analytics infrastructure for your enterprise.

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What DataToBiz Can Do For You?

Expand your real estate business beyond the UK while our experts handle the data overload, finance insights, investment decisions, and stakeholder communication.

Customised Dashboards

Access prompt insights into market trends, property values, and potential risks with custom Power BI dashboards. Enable investors to make informed decisions, maximising returns and minimising uncertainties in the UK’s real estate market.

Comprehensive Reporting

Utilising custom dashboards with Power BI, we offer prompt access to insights on market trends, property values, and risks, empowering informed decision-making in the UK real estate market. Analyse residential real estate data, construction project analytics, and market intelligence to identify trends and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Property Portfolio Analytics

Employ advanced managed real estate analytics services to gain a comprehensive understanding of your property portfolio. Analyse residential real estate data, construction project analytics, and market intelligence to identify trends, assess risks, and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Enhanced Real Estate CRM Analytics

Integrate managed analytics into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to streamline operations and improve client relationships. This involves data governance in property analytics, ensuring accuracy and reliability in client interactions.

Centralized Data Integration and Warehousing

Our centralized data integration and warehousing solutions consolidate diverse datasets, ensuring a unified view of your real estate data. As your real estate data grows, our scalable frameworks remain flexible, accommodating new sources and evolving analytical requirements. This centralised solution optimises operations while ensuring accuracy and reliability in your real estate insights.

Scalable Data Governance

Data governance solutions that can adapt to the evolving needs of property analytics. As the volume and complexity of your real estate data grow, our governance frameworks remain flexible and capable of accommodating new data sources and analytical requirements.

Why UK Real Estate Firms Turn to DataToBiz?

Customisable Solutions
Predicting Market Forecasts
Seamless Technology Integration
End-to-end Real Estate Data Analytics
Easy Stakeholder Communication
24x7 Client Assistance

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The DataToBiz team kept us in the loop every step of the way, explaining technical details in layman’s terms and addressing any concerns we had promptly. They definitely get all the credit for a smooth analytics rollout!

Grace Patel

Property Manager

The best thing about collaborating with DataToBiz was that their experts didn’t just hand us a new managed analytics plan and walk away. They partnered with me every step of the way, tailoring the dashboards and reports to our specific needs and providing ongoing training for my team. They actually understood and acted upon the discussed goals.

William Brown

IT Head

Frequently Asked Questions

How is analytics used in real estate?

Real estate analytics involves the analysis of real estate data to gain insights into market trends, property values, and investment opportunities. It helps in making informed decisions regarding property development, investment, and management. Analytics can be used to assess market demand, property performance, and investment risks, leading to more profitable and sustainable real estate ventures.

How do you Analyse real estate property?

Real estate property analysis involves the collection and evaluation of various data points related to a property, such as location, size, condition, and market trends. This data is analysed using real estate analytics tools and techniques to determine the property’s value, potential for appreciation, and suitability for investment or development. Factors such as market demand, comparable property prices, and economic indicators are considered to make informed decisions about buying, selling, or renting real estate.

How to use predictive analytics in real estate?

Predictive analytics in real estate involves using historical and current data to forecast future trends and outcomes in the real estate market. This can help in predicting property values, market trends, and investment opportunities. By analysing data such as market indicators, demographic trends, and economic forecasts, predictive analytics can assist in making strategic decisions regarding real estate investment, development, and management.

What is data in real estate?

Data in real estate refers to the information collected, stored, and analysed to gain insights into the real estate market, properties, and investment opportunities. This data can include property details, market trends, transaction history, demographic information, and economic indicators. Effective data management in real estate, often facilitated by data warehousing, enables stakeholders to make informed decisions and optimise their real estate investments.

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