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AI Strategy Consulting

Your AI Product Partner

AI Strategy Consulting involves responsible and ethical AI strategies that align with your business objectives. By taking advantage of technologies such as Generative AI, machine learning, LLMs, and data science, AI experts help you to plan strategically, control, and deliver secure AI solutions.

According to Grand View Research, the global artificial intelligence market reached a valuation of USD 196.63 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. This remarkable growth is fueled by ongoing research and innovation carried out by leading companies, increasing the adoption of AI in various sectors including finance, retail, healthcare, education, automotive, and manufacturing.

“The playing field is poised to become a lot more competitive, and businesses that don’t deploy AI and data to help them innovate in everything they do will be at a disadvantage.” – Paul Daughterty, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Accenture.

With the surging AI momentum, every company needs to put it into practice – no longer just create projections about it. By integrating strategy, processes, and technical prowess, AI strategy consulting firms lay the groundwork for AI-driven companies. This helps companies to transition to AI seamlessly by adding tangible value and capitalizing on the power and potential of AI.

Why AI for your data strategy?

Companies across the globe are increasingly relying on AI to enhance and streamline their operations. Here’s how:
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use AI to improve and streamline business operations.

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of businesses deploy AI for cybersecurity and fraud management.

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rely on AI tools, such as digital personal assistants.

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depend on AI for customer relationship management.
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of businesses use AI for inventory management.
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employ AI for content production purposes.
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use AI for accounting and supply chain operations.

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turn to AI for recruitment and talent sourcing.
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of businesses use AI for audience segmentation.
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use AI to improve and streamline business operations.

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of businesses deploy AI for cybersecurity and fraud management.

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rely on AI tools, such as digital personal assistants.
0 %

depend on AI for customer relationship management.

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of businesses use AI for inventory management.

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employ AI for content production purposes.
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use AI for accounting and supply chain operations.

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turn to AI for recruitment and talent sourcing.

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of businesses use AI for audience segmentation.

Why do corporates need AI Strategy Consulting Services?

Adopting and implementing AI comes with various challenges. Companies face foundational barriers to using AI and generating value at scale. Some common questions and apprehensions include:

  • In what ways will AI shape the future of our business?
  • What are the merits and demerits related to it?
  • How will AI strategy consultants integrate AI into business operations?
  • What AI strategies will you implement to fulfill goals?
  • What data sources are needed for AI product development?

This is precisely where AI strategy consulting services come into play.

AI strategy reveals how a company will leverage AI to fulfill its business goals, including its potential uses, and considering operational, technical, and ethical aspects of its implementation. It serves as a blueprint and answers all the important questions about the company’s AI goals, usage, benefits, resources, and implications.

Once the AI consulting firms formulate the strategy, the strategy consultants begin with the next steps by helping firms to:

  • Evaluate their current state of AI readiness
  • Set a vision for AI adoption
  • Carry out Proof of Concept initiatives
  • Develop a roadmap with realistic deadlines
  • Recommend team structure and related costs
  • Review AI/ML solutions architecture
  • Address and mitigate associated risks
  • Implement AI solutions with Generative AI and Large Learning Models (LLMs)

At DataToBiz, we offer top strategy consulting in AI and collaborate with technology specialists to create refined strategies focused on delivering great results. We follow an interdisciplinary approach to pinpoint how AI can drive value in your business.

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What does an AI strategy consultant do?

An AI strategy consultant helps you to:

  • Overcome the initial challenges of choosing tech stack, data security, and employee training.
  • Align your business goals with AI to develop valuable use cases from POC to product development.
  • Create strategies grounded in value, feasibility, risk assessment, and distinction.
  • Use LLMs and Generative AI to implement AI solutions and train your team to drive change management and ensure a seamless migration.

Let’s understand in detail:

Developing AI Solutions

The team provides full-fledged AI product engineering services ranging from UX/UI design to the final product launch.

Prepare Data

AI experts conduct thorough data audits to ensure data integrity and quality with processes such as data cleaning and validation.

Integrating AI

AI strategy consulting experts integrate AI solutions seamlessly into your current systems to leverage their capabilities.

Identify and Evaluate Use Cases

AI consulting strategy begins with analyzing existing systems, data sources, and industry trends to tap into areas where AI can help. We carry out competitor analysis, and feasibility tests, and inspect technological infrastructure to create personalized solutions.

Bespoke Model Development for your Domain

This includes evaluating your domain to understand the complexities of your business and ensure the model works well for your needs.


The group of data engineers focuses on the safety, performance, and adaptability of AI systems. Our extensive support services include continuous monitoring, problem-fixing, and performance optimization.

Technology Stack for AI Product Development

AI Development


Data Storage

Data Processing

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What does the AI Strategy Consulting Roadmap Include?

AI strategy consulting services make it easy for companies to leap into AI by minimizing disruptions. AI strategy consultants follow the below steps which essentially are a roadmap to becoming an AI-driven company.

Assessing AI preparedness

The first step includes evaluating the company’s readiness to adopt and integrate AI into their operations. AI strategy consultants include examining data governance, IT infrastructure, workforce competency, and alignment of AI with the company’s goals.

Developing AI strategy

Framing strategy covers required technology, resources, infrastructure, and proposed applications.

Planning and implementing AI

Here, AI consulting firms select appropriate technologies, create AI solutions that seamlessly integrate, and validate the effectiveness of these solutions. The experts offer assistance throughout the journey strategy by supervising implementation.

Training and ongoing support

AI strategy includes employee training as a mandatory element to equip employees to employ the technology effectively and nurture an AI-driven culture. Further, the consultants offer continuous support to troubleshoot problems and assess efficiency of AI solutions.

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Why Choose DataToBiz as your AI Strategy Consulting Partner?

At DataToBiz, we strive to ensure that companies harness the power of AI responsibly. We walk along with you to start your AI transformation journey across different industries. We implement structured approaches to AI product development, ensuring products align with your business objectives. What sets us apart is our real-world AI strategy consulting experience and hands-on expertise in implementing successful strategies and building innovative products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main components of a successful AI strategy?

Creating an AI strategy involves setting a business-driven vision, planning, implementation, and adoption. The main components include:

  • Vision: How will AI transform your business and get the desired outcomes?
  • Values: Assess the values that come with implementation of AI.
  • Risks: Identify and evaluate related risks.
  • Adoption: Foster a culture of AI adoption and innovation.

How can you measure the success of AI?

  • Emphasize business metrics and implement unique attribution models for each use case.
  • Set standards to monitor performance and progress both internally and externally.
  • Establish metrics in the early stages of AI implementation, ensuring the evaluation of different use cases. 

What role does data strategy play in shaping AI strategy?

Data strategy plays an important role in data collection and storage, analysis, processing, and governance. It is essential to have secure data sources that need to be cleaned and analyzed to obtain meaningful insights. Further, the AI strategy must have reliable standards to ensure the ethical use of data. 

What are the important considerations in creating an AI strategy?

  • Align the AI strategy with the goals and objectives of the company. 
  • Ensure it is scalable to meet the growing needs and capabilities.
  • Trust and ethics are mandatory, allowing transparency and human-centered approaches.   
  • Implement safe data protection techniques to reinforce security. 
  • Remain agile and have strategic foresight.

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