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8 Top AI Service Providers in Canada

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term for various advanced technologies. It can streamline business operations, automate processes, and increase ROI. Here, we’ll discuss the top AI service providers in Canada and their role in promoting artificial intelligence adoption. 

Artificial intelligence is a part of today’s world. It is integral in our personal and professional lives. Even those who aren’t aware of what AI is or how it works use smartphones with artificial intelligence. Canadians are no exception to this. In fact, Canada is among the leading G7 nations investing heavily in AI. Canada became the first country to launch the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy in 2017. The country’s government has been actively promoting the research, development, and adoption of artificial intelligence across all industries. Currently, there are over 1500 AI companies in Canada, with many more offering offshore services to Canadian businesses. 

But who are the best AI companies in Canada? Which company should you partner with to adopt artificial intelligence in your establishment? Let’s find out in this blog. 

How can AI Consultants Help Your Business Grow?

According to Grand View Research, the global AI market is expected to touch $1811.8 billion by 2030 with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 37.3%. With an increase in artificial intelligence adoption, businesses are relying on AI consultants and service providers to streamline their internal processes and gain a competitive edge in the markets. 

Consultants from the most innovative AI companies have knowledge in artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, mathematics, computer science, and data science. The AI consultant will understand your business vision, assess the current situation, and provide a comprehensive plan to adopt AI in your enterprise. AI consultants can help grow your business in many ways. For example, artificial intelligence can be used for the following: 

  • Automate recurring tasks 
  • Enhance customer service 
  • Shorten production cycle 
  • Optimize resources 
  • Streamline operations 
  • Faster supply chain and logistics 
  • Risk and fraud management 
  • Data governance 
  • Data analytics and business intelligence 
  • Higher ROI and revenue, etc. 

From upgrading legacy systems to customizing AI tools based on your requirements, the consultant will perform a range of tasks.

Top AI Service Providers in Canada

1. DataToBiz

DataToBiz is among the fastest-growing AI companies providing end-to-end services and customized solutions for complete digital transformation and AI adoption. It specializes in industries, such as IT, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. The company has an expert team of AI and ML engineers, data scientists, analysts, and developers who work together to build tailor-made models based on clients’ requirements. 

DataToBiz offers the following services in Canada: 

  • Big data and business intelligence 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Data Engineering  
  • Large language model 
  • Natural language processing 
  • Vision analytics 
  • Power BI and Tableau implementation, etc. 

The company has its headquarters in India with regional offices in the USA, Bostwana, and Saudi Arabia. It has clients from the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. DataToBiz is a certified partner of Microsoft Azure, Google, and AWS. It has won various awards and worked with 300+ firms. It has developed various AI tools like PrepAI, HirelakeAI, SensiblyAI, Virtual Try-On platform, etc. 

2. Integrate.ai

Integrate.ai offers artificial intelligence services with a focus on data security. The company believes the only way to maintain data security is to move models and not data. It promotes safe data collaborations to activate data silos and simplify complex systems. The platform helps unlock quality data at scale and promotes data protection. The Toronto-based company delivers cutting-edge solutions to businesses from different industries. 

Integrate.ai offers the following services:

  • AI and ML 
  • IoT (Internet of Things) analytics 
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Product development 
  • Fraud prevention, etc. 

The company has developed two AI products – Federated Learning Platform and Security, Privacy, & Trust to offer personalized solutions to enterprises in effectively managing the data. Integrate.ai has enabled 100+ research studies and works with over 20 network partners. The company has analyzed 4000 TB of genomic data to help businesses make faster and better decisions. It is also a part of the healthcare and pharma industry and helps in drug discovery. 

3. Scale AI

Scale AI is one of the leading AI companies in Canada, helping businesses speed up the adoption of artificial intelligence in various sectors. It works with small and large enterprises in reshaping business models, enhancing decision-making, and elevating the workforce. The company is building a true AI ecosystem with researchers, private entities, academia, and high-potential start-ups. Technological excellence is the ultimate aim of the company, as it wants businesses to use advanced technology to achieve results. 

Scale AI offers a plethora of services categorized into three major sections:

  • Industry-led projects 
  • Acceleration program 
  • Training professionals

The company aims to make AI a real-world application rather than limit its role to research and lab experiments. It has worked to develop AI models that promote supply chain effectiveness. Scale AI also funds projects by engineers and developers looking to bring mode advancements in the industry. The company, in collaboration with the Canadian and Quebec governments, has announced to finance 15 AI projects by investing $117 million. 

4. ServiceNow – Element AI

Element AI was acquired by ServiceNow in 2020. With headquarters in Montreal, the AI company aims to deliver smarter and more efficient artificial intelligence applications in the country. It drives AI adoption across industries and boosts the overall performance of businesses. The company accelerates the process to enhance customer experience and minimize disruptions. It uses proven strategies to help enterprises become successful. 

ServiceNow delivers the following solutions using AI:

  • Implement, optimize, and upgrade AI tools
  • Co-delivery services 
  • Training and certification 
  • 24*7 technical support 
  • Step-by-step guidance to create AI models
  • Self-servicing tools and resources, etc.

The company streamlines IT workflows, employee workflows, customer workflows, and creator workflows. From legal to human resources to manufacturing and supply chain, ServiceNow has innovative solutions to tackle the challenges in each sector and use AI technology to get effective results. Now Platform® is the latest product developed by the company to promote future-proof technologies and make socially responsible contributions to society. 

5. Coveo

Coveo is an enterprise SaaS company and one of the leading AI service providers in Canada. The company helps organizations and large enterprises personalize technology and derive results at scale to generate higher revenue. It has developed the Coveo Relevance Cloud™, an AI platform to enhance digital experiences for end users by streamlining commerce, website, searches, services, and workplace applications. It has 17+ years in the industry and works with global businesses like Salesforce, Dell, etc. 

A few services offered by Coveo are listed below: 

  • AL and ML 
  • Generative AI and LLM 
  • Business Consulting 
  • Implementation, assistance, and audit 
  • Employee training 
  • Customer advocacy programs, etc. 

The company helps organizations personalize everything to convert every digital interaction into a profit. It promises up to a 15% increase in revenue per visit by using sophisticated ML algorithms to understand customer preferences. The company boosts up to 25% CSAT and helps save millions of dollars by streamlining data scattered across various silos in the enterprise. Coveo offers powerful solutions to build effective workflows and increase ROI.  

6. Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is revolutionizing artificial intelligence, automation, and RNA biology to provide new and innovative ways for drug development. With offices in Toronto and Boston, the company offers advanced AI solutions to research teams, hospitals, medical institutes, and other enterprises. It combines predictive analytics and scalability to simplify complex systems and help scientists use data-driven predictions to arrive at accurate conclusions. 

Deep Genomics offers AI services for the following: 

  • AI Workbench 3.0
  • Gene discovery 
  • Drug improvements 
  • Rare disease diagnosis 
  • Cancer treatments, etc. 

The company has a team of 100+ members from various domains, including AI, automation, machine learning, software engineering, clinical development, molecular biology, organic chemistry, etc. It seamlessly combines genomics, drug development, and artificial intelligence to provide extensive solutions to scientists, pharmacists, doctors, and researchers. Though Deep Genomics is limited to the medical and healthcare field, it plays a vital role in promoting AI adoption in Canada. 

7. Ada Support

Ada is an AI-powered customer service platform for automating customer support and enhancing consumer experience. From resolving customer queries to connecting the business across different communication channels and facilitating conversations in different languages, Ada offers versatile services to streamline customer support and optimize resources. The company partners with leading global brands to transform how businesses manage customer service. 

Ada Support offers the following services: 

  • Digital messaging 
  • Intelligent voice automation 
  • SaaS 
  • Enterprise-grade scaling 
  • Resolution engine
  • Continuous development, etc. 

The company has a no-code builder that can be customized and deployed quickly. It is efficient and can be integrated with different third-party CRMs and other systems used by businesses. Ada has helped reduce the ticket backlog by up to 90% and boosted ROI by around 5x times. It can be implemented in establishments from industries like eCommerce, Finance, etc. The company also offers gaming solutions and works with organizations from other sectors to improve customer experience and generate more revenue. 

8. MoogleLabs

MoogleLabs offers artificial intelligence solutions to boost the adoption of Industry 4.0 in different sectors. It promotes new-age technologies to achieve the desired results in less time. The company has a tagline of decoding innovation in AI and ML, data science, DevOps, and Metaverse. It follows a five-step process to deliver turnkey solutions to organizations. From strategizing to delivery, the company takes care of the entire process. 

The services offered by MoogleLabs are listed below: 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • DevOps
  • Blockchain 
  • Data Science 
  • Internet of Things 
  • Infrastructure audit 
  • Metaverse, etc. 

The company provides an AI strategy for adoption and helps businesses implement advanced technology and tools in their enterprise. MoogleLabs facilitates automation through AI. It develops apps using different AI models (evolutionary AI, causality AI, and conversational AI). From robotics to deep learning and neuromorphic computing, the company provides tailor-made services based on the client’s requirements. 

What Industries are Specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

From healthcare and research to engineering, natural sciences, IT, social sciences, etc., many industries are specializing in AI to achieve their goals and increase the quality of living in the country. Canada’s artificial intelligence stocks are also gaining popularity, with more people investing in AI through the stock market. Canadian universities and industries are collaborating to develop AI models that can be used in various industries across the country. They are building a robust AI ecosystem with apps useful in the real world. 

Does Working with IT Companies in Canada Reduce Technology Risk?

Yes, working with IT and artificial intelligence companies in Canada can reduce technology risk as you don’t have to build models from scratch. The service providers help enterprises choose the right technology and tools based on their niche and long-term goals. They help with the following: 

  • Develop an AI strategy and roadmap 
  • Build and test the prototype 
  • Detect errors and eliminate glitches 
  • Deploy and integrate the AI model 
  • Continuously monitor and upgrade the model
  • Ensure data compliance 
  • Train employees to use the AI apps 
  • Long-term maintenance services 

There is a lesser risk when you partner with AI companies as the service providers have the necessary experience in the domain and know how to deliver the expected results. That’s why SMBs and large enterprises prefer to hire AI consulting companies instead of building an in-house team. 


There is a high demand for artificial intelligence services in Canada. Many SMBs and large organizations are partnering with AI consulting companies to implement advanced AI technology in their establishments. 

With the Canadian government actively promoting AI, it won’t be long before the adoption rate increases in the country. Since the government is also working to ensure data security and data privacy, businesses can work with AI service providers to ensure they comply with ethical AI regulations and deliver greater customer experience to their target audiences. 

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