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7 Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in UAE 

Artificial intelligence has gained prominence in Middle East countries. Many businesses in UAE are revamping their existing processes to achieve greater success through AI. Here, we’ll discuss the top AI companies in the UAE and the benefits of partnering with them. 

UAE has been a hub for the oil and gas industry for decades. However, the region is aiming to become a leading center for ICT (information and communication technology) industry for international trade. Middle East countries are setting up free trade zones to promote the use of software products and services in all industries. 

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc., are gaining popularity in the UAE market. In this blog, we’ll read more about AI and the list of artificial intelligence companies in the UAE that offer tailor-made services to various enterprises. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term encompassing various techniques, technologies, processes, applications, and models. It includes fields like machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, etc., which are used for an array of purposes by different businesses. Every industry needs AI in today’s world to adopt the latest technologies and survive market competition. 

The global AI market is expected to reach $407 billion by 2027, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets. As per Forbes, 60% of businesses say AI will enhance customer relationships and productivity. 

Most SMBs and large enterprises partner with AI consulting firms to digitally transform their business processes and adopt AI to achieve the desired results. This helps them save time, money, and resources while reducing the risk of losses. AI experts from offshore consulting companies create the necessary strategies to implement, integrate, and maintain AI applications in an organization.  

Is Artificial Intelligence in Demand in UAE?

Yes. The UAE government has ambitious plans to promote the adoption of artificial intelligence in the country. It has adopted the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 and established Many companies that are entering the market regularly to accelerate the use of AI in the region. Apart from these, local businesses and enterprises work with several offshore AI firms to increase their productivity, ROI, and revenue. 

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in UAE

1. DataToBiz

It offers AI platform customization, pilot implementation, and full-scale digital transformation to adopt the data-driven model in a business. The company takes care of all the steps from start to finish and provides complete assistance and expert support at every stage. From strengthening the supply chain to enhancing customer experience, increasing productivity, quality, and business efficiency. 

DataToBiz offers various services, such as: 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Big data analytics and business intelligence 
  • Data engineering and harmonization 
  • Natural language processing and vision analytics
  • Power BI and Tableau implementation, etc. 

The company has clients from the Middle East, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. It is a certified partner of Microsoft, Google, and AWS (Amazon Warehouse Services) with over 97% client satisfaction rate. Businesses can use the real-time actionable insights provided by DataToBiz to make effective decisions, create innovative products, and amplify revenue. 

2. Accubits Technologies

Accubits is an AI company with clients from the Fortune 500 list from around the world. It works with tech startups to provide comprehensive software product development services and technological solutions. The company is known for building enterprise-grade blockchain platforms with greater transparency, security, and efficiency. It combines the world of blockchain and web3 using advanced technologies. 

The company’s AI services include generative AI development and integration, automation, computer vision, and consultancy services to help various organizations benefit from using artificial intelligence for day-to-day work. Accubits also provides business intelligence solutions to drive accurate insights for decision-making. 

The company offers the following services: 

  • AI development 
  • Robotic process automation
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Product development 
  • Blockchain development, etc.

Accubits has been named the most promising brand in 2021 by the Economic Times. It promises ROI plus (Return of Innovation Positive), a new metric developed by the company to determine how their knowledge is helping clients achieve success. The company has an active presence in UAE and the Middle East. 

3. Silwana Infotech

Silwana Infotech is a software development and AI company in UAE offering transformative and technology-driven solutions to clients from several industries. It has more than two decades of experience in the IT industry and follows a client-first approach to provide scalable, flexible, and result-oriented solutions to each business. 

The company primarily works with enterprises from the MENA region (Middle East and African Countries). It uses cutting-edge technologies to cater to client’s requirements and help them achieve the desired results. The company has offices in nine locations and has worked on 700+ projects in more than ten industries. 

Silwana Infotech offers the below services: 

  • Cloud integration 
  • Mobile and web development 
  • AR/ VR development 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Digital transformation
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise mobility and IoT, etc. 

The company starts by analyzing the feasibility of the project before developing and implementing the right technology and tools in a business. It also offers support and maintenance services to ensure the business doesn’t suffer from disruptions due to technical glitches. It offers onshore and offshore services, along with a hybrid model that combines both business models. 

4. Citrus Consulting Services

Citrus Consulting is a technology firm that offers several IT-based services to clients in the UAE. It provides AWS hyperscaling services to help businesses expand and develop their IT infrastructure on the cloud. It believes in innovation to make systems and processes more agile in an enterprise. The company uses modular solutions to provide clients with a choice to select their technology stack instead of relying on a single tool. 

The company is a hybrid cloud expert and also specializes in information and cybersecurity system implementation and development. It works with businesses from the Middle East and African regions and India in assisting enterprises through their digital transformation journey. 

Citrus Consulting Company provides the following services:

  • Enterprise and big data management
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Business intelligence 
  • Data center modernization 
  • Security architecture and consulting 
  • Managed support services, etc. 

The company has a robust ecosystem and belongs to the Redington Group, known for its presence in the IT and mobile industry for many decades. It promotes the use of new-age technologies like AI, IoT, robotics, big data analytics, and 5G to help businesses overcome challenges, automate processes, and optimize workflow to increase ROI. 

5. EORA.ai

EORA is a group of companies that uses machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and data science to provide unique solutions to businesses. With offices in Moscow and Innopolis, the establishment works with clients from various continents and regions. It has successfully completed over 60 AI projects in different industries. 

From eCommerce to manufacturing, hospitality, and more, it has enabled organizations to personalize business systems, automate processes like promotion, customer service, etc., and enhance security through video surveillance. The company assists enterprises in avoiding losses due to technological mistakes or wrong business decisions. 

EORA provides the below services: 

  • AI consulting 
  • Data Science 
  • Computer vision 
  • Voice assistants
  • Chatbots, etc. 

Dialog Systems and Data Lab are two AI companies belonging to EORA. While Dialog Systems specializes in developing and customizing chatbots, voice assistants, and complex automation for customer services, Data Lab exclusively offers machine learning consulting, image and video analytics, data science services, etc. EORA has received different awards over the years and developed products like Onedash, Zdialog, ML-Audit, etc. 

6. BugendaiTech FZCO

BugendaiTech is a digital consulting firm offering digital transformation and AI consulting services to SMBs and large enterprises in the global market. The company follows a fully remote culture, with employees from over ten countries working together to help organizations revolutionize their businesses with innovative solutions. 

It aims to reduce carbon footprint by 60-80% while providing seamless services to increase business efficiency and scalability. The company enables businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and streamline internal operations by integrating user-friendly tools. From finance to automotive, travel, retail, banking, education, etc., the company works with clients from several industries. 

BugendaiTech provides different services, such as: 

  • Automation 
  • Change management 
  • Data and analytics 
  • Application development and maintenance 
  • Cloud management 
  • Business process management, etc. 

The company is a partner of AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce. It is a NASSCOM-certified member and also has ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certifications. It specializes in offering zero-based transformations along with web development, marketing, and Microsoft solutions. 

7. Folio3

Folio3 is a trusted software development partner for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and large enterprises. It delivers full-scale digital transformation using powerful technologies and applications. The company aims to help businesses digitalize their data and systems by migrating to cloud platforms. It creates new software products, builds models, and customizes them based on clients’ specifications. 

The company works with a plethora of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, etc. It also emphasizes social and environmental responsibility to create a positive impact on the world. The company has branches in several countries, including UAE (Dubai). 

Folio3 offers the following services: 

  • App development 
  • AI, ML, and NLP 
  • Predictive and advanced analytics 
  • ERP implementation and integration 
  • eCommerce design and development
  • Business intelligence 
  • IoT, field automation, etc. 

The company also provides digital marketing services and has won over twenty awards over the years. Folio3 promises integrity, excellence, and agility. It uses the term Innovation as a Service to establish its expertise in the IT industry. SMBs and multinational businesses can partner with the company for customized compliance management and cloud solutions. 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises

Though there are countless benefits of using AI technology in enterprises, the following are the most important advantages a business needs in today’s scenario:


Why ask employees to perform the same tasks multiple times? AI helps automate recurring jobs to save time, energy, and resources. This allows employees to finish their jobs quickly and efficiently and increases productivity. 

Smart Decision Making

C-level executives and top management can use historical and real-time data to derive actionable insights and make effective decisions based on market trends, customer behavior, etc. There’s no need to rely on guesswork when AI models are used for analytics. 

Minimizing Errors

AI algorithms can reduce errors by learning from feedback and making real-time corrections. This helps increase workplace safety (especially in factories and onsite) and cut down on the issues caused by manually performing the tasks. 

Research and Analytics

Scientists, analysts, developers, etc., can study large amounts of datasets to identify patterns, themes, trends, etc. AI helps researchers arrive at conclusions and gain an in-depth understanding of data in less time. 

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers don’t have to wait for responses from human representatives. AI chatbots can solve most of their queries and speed up ticket resolution. AI also enhances production and supply chain quality, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. 

Greater Performance and ROI

When all departments of a business work cohesively without any glitches or breakdowns, it leads to greater overall performance. Artificial intelligence can bring more revenue and profits for the same investments. 


No business can ignore or avoid AI transformation for long. Companies in UAE are getting support from the government and AI service providers to adopt the latest technologies and revamp their business models. AI consultants are in high demand in the Middle East countries. The government, public, and private sectors are equally investing in artificial intelligence and digital transformation to compete in the global market. Talk to a reputed AI consulting company to know how to boost your brand value and profits using technology.  

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