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10 Top Deep Learning Companies in India

Deep learning technologies are used to analyze large datasets to provide accurate and actionable insights quickly. We’ll discuss the top deep learning companies in India that offer end-to-end solutions and have clients from different industries.

Deep learning forms a part of machine learning and artificial intelligence that mimics human emotions and thought processes to analyze the given data. Data scientists use deep learning and statistics for predictive modeling. It simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing large datasets in a quick time.

Many artificial intelligence applications use deep learning algorithms for automation. It is a part of household AI applications like voice assistants and emerging technologies like self-driving cars. Deep learning cannot be separated from AI and ML. It is used to make an AI-based software/ app deliver more accurate results in an organization.

India has a growing market demand for AI, ML, and DL technologies. New jobs are posted for data scientists, AI engineers, and DL experts. Many small, medium, and large enterprises are adopting artificial intelligence technologies to gain a competitive edge in the national and international markets. Educational centers like the Deep Learning Institute of India are actively producing more data scientists to meet the market demand.

However, many businesses want an established deep learning company/ service provider that can take the responsibility of digitally transforming the enterprise and customizing the tools to suit their business requirements. Fortunately, India has several deep learning companies that offer several services to Indian and multinational clients.

Let’s talk about the top deep-learning companies in India.

Top 10 Deep Learning Companies in India


DataToBiz is an Artificial Intelligence consulting company that works with advanced technologies like data science, AI, machine learning, deep learning, business intelligence, big data analytics, and more. The company offers data engineering services to SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises. It has clients from India, the US, and the Middle East.

DataToBiz is a B2B partner for many leading organizations. It offers flexible, scalable, and customized solutions to streamline digital transformation within an enterprise. The company is a certified partner of AWS, Google, and Microsoft. It provides in-house and cloud-based deep learning services to help businesses make better decisions and increase competitive advantage.

From enhancing customer satisfaction to solving data-based issues and clearing roadblocks to adopting new technology, DataToBiz does it all. Among its clients are companies from diverse industries (including but not limited to) EdTech, FinTech, retail and eCommerce, transportation and logistics, security and surveillance, medical and healthcare, telecommunications, and hospitality. IDBI Bank, NPCI, Aditya Birla Group, Flipkart, GMR, Speero, etc., are some popular clients of the company.

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Trigma (Trigger your Imagination) is a custom software development and consulting company that offers AI/ ML, IoT, DevOps, and digital marketing services. The company has offices in India, the US, and Canada and offers smart technology, deep learning, and innovative IT solutions to its clients.

Trigma has won various awards for being one of the leading software and mobile app developers. It has been recognized among the top artificial intelligence companies in 2021 by Clutch. Samsung, Whirlpool, Hero Motor Corp, Silverback Hosts, etc., are some of the company’s clients.

Agile labs, data science, enterprise CRM, e-governance, and data engineering are the solutions offered by Trigma. It is a one-stop destination for businesses to work on their digital marketing and digital transformation strategies to streamline internal practices and attract end-users/ customers. Trigma has more than 200 professionals working on the team.


Talentica has been offering its services for the last eighteen years. The company developed more than 170 software products and handles a large volume of work every day. It helps enterprises choose the right technologies to build and expand their businesses.

Talentica deals with artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, wearables, big data, IoT, blockchain, DevOps, and user experience (front end). It also works with open-source technologies to develop customized applications for businesses.

The company is reputed for providing fast and tangible results. True to its tagline, ‘we don’t deliberate, we deliver,’ Talentica can produce a minimum viable product for your business requirements in just 90 days. It follows an accelerated approach to ensure that you stay in the competition and gain an edge over other enterprises in your niche. The company has a presence in India and the USA.


InApp is a full-cycle software development service provider with clients from various countries. The company offers custom development services, cloud computing, DevOps, big data services, augmented and virtual reality services, etc. Innovation and quality services are the USP of this company.

InApp has more than two decades of experience and 100+ clients. It builds world-class web and mobile apps for various businesses, including startups and large enterprises. The company is one of the leading SaaS and software vendors in the market. It helps organizations invest in the best technologies to digitally transform their businesses and streamline their processes.

The company has expert teams that deal with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and more. InApp also offers testing and QA services. It has successfully delivered more than 1500 solutions to businesses from pharma, manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, construction, transportation, warehousing, and education.


Prolitus offers cutting-edge technologies to various businesses to increase sustainability. The company helps use innovation to develop internal methodologies for digital transformation. It believes that innovation is the way to add value to a business. Prolitus offers services in advanced technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, IoT, RPA, etc.

It is an ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company with a special focus on blockchain technologies. DeFi, NFT marketplaces, smart contracts, P2P lending, and other solutions are provided by the company. It also offers enterprise ERP, mobile app development, eCommerce, and custom software solutions.

Prolitus has its presence in India and the Middle East (Dubai and Qatar). The company is a partner of Hyperledger, Binance, AWS, etc., with clients like Dalmia, Apollo, Nasscom foundation, and more. Tokenization and NFT development are the highlights of the company. It also works with Metaverse. Prolitus has worked with 500+ clients since its inception.

Webtunix AI

Webtunix is a machine learning consulting company that uses artificial intelligence technologies to gather insights and deliver real-time updates. It has clients from India, Canada, UAE, China, Australia, and the USA. The company offers services like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and business intelligence.

Spam detection, customer lifetime value prediction, high-level data protection, etc., are a part of Webtunix’s services. The company has developed more than 100 AI-based products to help enterprises generate accurate reports, make better decisions, and increase business efficiency. Image and video annotations, semantic segmentation, 3D point cloud annotations, computer vision, etc., are some famous solutions by the company.

Webtunix uses high technology tools and frameworks to offer flexible, scalable, and personalized services. It understands the importance of using quality data to generate accurate reports and provide real-time insights for better decision-making.


A product development and consulting company, QBurst offers custom software development services to micro and macro enterprises. It offers end-to-end solutions to help businesses integrate and use robust technologies and applications. The company acts as an R&D partner to various organizations.

QBurst follows a customer-centric approach and flexible models to offer emerging technological solutions to its clients. There are multiple branches of the company in India, and works with clients from different industries like renewables, FinTech, EdTech, retail, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive.

QBurst has developed various mobile applications (native and cross-platform). It offers data analytics and data visualization services, web and cloud-based solutions, front-end UX designing, DevOps services, and digital marketing strategies. Dell, Airtel, National Geographic, Allianz, etc., are some reputed clients of the company. It works with enterprises from India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, the USA, the UK, and UAE.


ValueCoders is software development, consultancy, and outsourcing service provider in the country with more than seventeen years of experience. The company has 650+ IT professionals working full-time. It has delivered more than 2500 projects to clients from around the world. It has worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies.

ValueCoders offers smart automation, software engineering, and smart teams to provide customized, flexible, and scalable solutions to business enterprises. The company actively helps organizations with digital transformation, app development, QA, and testing services.

It works with businesses from industries like healthcare, travel, FinTech, education, automotive, retail and eCommerce, logistics & transportation, media, and entertainment. Financial management and workforce management are the two major solutions offered by ValueCoders. Businesses can hire developers to work on various projects (front end, back end, programming, web apps, mobile apps, full-stack, blockchain, DevOps, machine learning, and more).


PixelCrayons is an award-winning digital consultancy and engineering firm with ISO 9001:2008 certification. It has successfully completed more than 13,800 projects and follows a customer-centric approach to providing cost-effective value-oriented services to business organizations. The company works with SMEs and large enterprises by offering innovative and advanced technological services.

PixelCrayons has more than a decade and a half of experience working with clients from different industries such as IT, services, banking, travel, retail & wholesale, logistics & transportation, media & entertainment, education and EdTech, travel, and healthcare. It offers SaaS products, custom development services for web and mobile apps, ready-made software solutions, and dedicated development teams to build software applications from scratch.

PixelCrayons works with clients from thirty-eight countries. HP, Citigroup, Tesco, Puma, eBay, Vodafone, etc., are some clients of the company. It is located in Delhi and has an agile infrastructure to provide consultancy and outsourcing services to any business.


Prolifics offers engineering and managed consulting services to businesses from various industries. The company is a digital transformation leader with a plethora of offerings like DevOps, AI services, cloud, data, and quality solutions for varying requirements. From planning to implementation and continuous analysis, Prolifics offers everything an enterprise wants to become a market leader.

The company partners with IBM, RedHat, Microsoft, Data Sentinel, etc. It has its presence in India, the UK, Germany, and the US. Prolifics has won many awards for its cloud services and work culture. It promises a 50% increase in completing the projects and realizing products in the market.

Data, artificial intelligence, modernization, business automation, DevXOps, cybersecurity, and test automation are some services offered by Prolifics. It works with organizations from mortgage & insurance, the public sector, banking & financial services, healthcare, retail, and distribution industries.

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So which company is leading in deep learning? Well, all the companies we listed have been reputed for offering flexible, scalable, and customized services to adopt AI, ML, and DL technologies in a business.

The right deep learning partner for your business will depend on several factors like the size of your organization, long-term goals, and target market. Do your research about each company and consult with the respective business teams for more information.

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