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7 Top Nearshore Staff Augmentation Companies in 2024

Staff augmentation is a proven business model to quickly bridge the talent gap in an establishment. Here, we’ll discuss the top seven nearshore staff augmentation companies to hire in 2024 and how it is different from other augmentation services.

The ability to quickly scale your human resources (employees) to accept new projects or adopt new technologies and business models can determine your success in today’s competitive world. Many businesses no longer go through extensive hiring processes when they need fast results. Instead, they rely on staff augmentation service providers to gain access to flexible teams that can be scaled in a short time. These external teams bridge the talent gap in the establishment and deliver the results. 

Statistics indicate that $81.87 billion will be invested in staff augmentation by 2025 by businesses from around the world. Statista shows that the total revenue generated from the IT outsourcing industry in 2023 was over $460 billion

While there are many nearshore staff augmentation companies to choose from, businesses find it convenient to opt for nearshore staff augmentation companies. But what exactly does it mean? What are the top nearshore staffing companies in the USA to hire in 2024? 

Let’s find out in this blog.

What is the Meaning of Staff Augmentation?

The meaning of staff augmentation is quite straightforward. It is when you temporarily hire a readymade team of experts with specific skill sets to work on certain projects in your company. These experts are called external employees as they don’t belong to your business but will work on your projects and collaborate with your employees for the given period. It allows you to scale your existing teams to close the talent gap without wasting your time and resources on a full-fledged recruitment program. 

So, what is the strategy of staff augmentation? 

Staff augmentation strategy is where a business can pick a tailor-made team with experts having specific skills and experience. The requirements change from one project to another, and there is no need for a long-term commitment. In fact, many staffing companies allow you to have full control over the process and replace the team members during or after the trial period. 

This gives you the freedom to choose the right talent without worrying about competitors. Moreover, you only pay a salary for the duration of the project. The time spent on multiple stages of recruitment is saved as the staffing companies put together a team in 24-48 hours. It gives you more flexibility and scalability without draining your resources. Additionally, you can implement the hybrid employment model where the teams work online and offline (on-premises). 

The primary difference between staff augmentation vs. staffing is this: 

Data Engineering Staff augmentation is a strategy for temporarily hiring talented experts to fulfill the responsibilities of certain roles. Staffing is where you hire candidates for the long term (or permanently). 

Types of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation services are commonly categorized into three types – nearshore, onshore, and offshore. 

Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Nearshore staff augmentation allows businesses to hire external teams from companies that belong to nearby countries or the neighboring land that is closer to their location. 

Onshore Staff Augmentation

Onshore staff augmentation is when the service provider is located in the same country as your business and makes both local entities. 

Offshore Staff Augmentation

Offshore staff augmentation is when you hire teams from far-off countries and build remote teams. The external teams may be located halfway across your land or even farther away. When choosing between nearshore vs. offshore outsourcing, businesses can opt for either as both offer many benefits and a few risks. 

Which One To Go For?

However, it is recommended to go with a nearshore staff augmentation company as there will be little to no differences in time zones, cultural aspects, language barriers, etc. Moreover, external employees can visit your business and stay at the location for a given duration. Hence, in this blog, we will talk about the top 7 nearshore staff augmentation companies leading the USA data market.

7 Top Nearshore Staff Augmentation Companies in 2024


DataToBiz is one of the leading staff augmentation companies in the USA. Offering experts on a contract basis who are skilled in Data Warehousing and Engineering (Azure, AWS, GCP), Business Intelligence and Analytics (Power BI, Tableau, SQL), Generative AI and Machine Learning Solutions (NLP, Computer Vision, Custom ChatGPT Solutions, LLM), Project Management & Data Strategy Consulting Solutions.

The company is a certified partner of Microsoft, Google, and AWS. It offers customized digital transformation solutions for SMBs, MSMEs, and large enterprises to streamline their business operations, manage datasets, implement data-driven business intelligence models, set up personalized data visualizations, and provide long-term maintenance and support services. DataToBiz has over 97% satisfaction rate and clients from around the world. It is an award-winning company with a cost-effective and transparent staff augmentation pricing model. 


Azumo offers nearshore staffing services for varied IT projects. It is a software development company with a vast tech stack and works with businesses of all sizes. The company helps clients adopt new technologies, build effective applications, and achieve their goals. It follows a remote-first policy to offer nearshore staff augmentation services to businesses from different locations. 

The company has dedicated teams for AI, cloud development, data engineering, and web development. The services are competitively priced to cater to businesses with limited budgets. Azumo has a 200% net retention rate and a 93% net promoter score. 


HatchWorks is a software development company offering nearshore IT staff augmentation services and Generative-Driven Development™. The company has worked with leading brands in the global market and has a 97% client retention rate. It also claims to reduce staff augmentation costs by up to 50% compared to onshore services. It creates dedicated teams that can be seamlessly integrated into the client’s workplace.

With an outcome-focused approach, the company offers full-service development support based on the client’s requirements. Businesses can choose the type of employee engagement model they want and expect the promised results. The company reduces the cost of the project and increases the speed-to-value through its unique development model. 

Teravision Technologies

Teravision Technologies is one of the popular nearshore IT staff augmentation companies offering agile teams and software development services. The company is a certified member of the AWS partner network and a Gold partner of Microsoft. It works with businesses from the financial, healthcare, entertainment, and wearables industries to help them develop new software applications, manage their data, derive analytical insights, and increase operational efficiency. 

The company has a Bench Concept which allows them to put together an augmented team in less time. Any sudden changes or requirements are handled with ease and managed without affecting the quality of work. Teravision Technologies has a presence in the North and South Americas. 


NaNLABS is a custom software development company offering nearshore staff augmentation services to speed up projects for various businesses. It is a certified AWS partner and has the necessary expertise to help clients complete even the most complex projects within the deadline.

The company offers team augmentation services, software development outsourcing, and tech consultancy for data engineering, prototyping, R&D, etc. The company also provides continuous and long-term maintenance services. It follows four agile values – iterations, collaboration, documentation, and responding to changes. Its end-to-end services take care of everything from strategy formation to implementation, monitoring, and continuous development. 


Asymm is among the IT staffing companies offering nearshore staff augmentation and custom software development services to different businesses in the US. The company has an experienced team of experts and access to advanced tools to take up various projects for clients from industries, like insurance, real estate, supply chain, IT, consumer brands, etc.

The company gives the utmost importance to collaboration and presents nearshore staff augmentation as a modern alternative to traditional outsourcing methods. Be it strategy, planning, development, implementation, or quality assurance, Asymm handles a range of tasks with ease. The company also adheres to the legal regulations and is compliant with the rules of the Mexican land. 


TATEEDA is a nearshore staff augmentation and IT outsourcing company with a 94% employee retention rate and 100+ in-house professionals. The company offers extensive software development services and dedicated teams to help clients complete their projects on time. The employees belong to 16 countries, thereby allowing the company to provide nearshore services in many regions.

Tateeda has vast experience in the healthcare industries like pharma, biotech, health tech, etc. The company also offers IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and IT support in the FinTech industry. They offer cost-effective and quick staff augmentation services and have been featured in the list of Inc. 5000 companies in 2022 and 2023. 

What is the Difference Between T&M and Staff Augmentation?

Augmenting teams in businesses can also be done through T&M (Time and Material). But how is it different from staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a business model where you quickly fill the talent gap by partnering with a service provider who creates an external team based on your requirements. 

Time and Material is a project-based model. It involves the calculation of cost based on the number of hours and resources the team spends on the project. 

While staff augmentation brings greater flexibility to your workforce, T&M allows flexibility in resources. For example, you can use the same team to extend the timeline or invest more resources to complete a larger project. However, if skill set and expertise are a priority, staff augmentation is the best choice. Moreover, in T&M, the hourly rates can quickly eat up your budget if the project is complex. 


Partnering with a nearshore staff augmentation company gives you access to the necessary talent and technology to revamp your business processes and gain a competitive edge. Moreover, hiring companies that offer end-to-end solutions can save valuable time and resources as the service providers handle the bulk of the task. 

Take time to go through the offerings of each staff augmentation company and directly interact with them before making a final decision. Schedule an appointment to learn how nearshore staff augmentation can benefit your business. 

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