Staff Augmentation in Business- How Augmented Teams are Revolutionizing Decision-Making

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Staff Augmentation in Business- How Augmented Teams are Revolutionizing Decision-Making

Staff augmentation is a cost-effective model to save resources and increase business productivity by scaling the in-house team with external employees. Here, we’ll discuss the role of staff augmentation in business and its impact on decision-making in organizations. 

Staff Augmentation in Business is a popular staffing strategy to create flexible teams based on the varying requirements of different projects in an organization. Businesses partner with staffing companies to bring more employees to work on a project. Staffing solutions can be for the short-term or long-term. The changing dynamics in the global market have increased the demand for staff augmentation services. 

According to a recent Talent Shortage survey by the Manpower Group, 77% of employers have reported difficulty filling roles. This is a 17-year high where organizations are experiencing a high talent gap in their businesses. Furthermore, 78% of this difficulty is seen in the IT industry. 

IMF says the shortage in the tech industry may touch 85 million workers by 2030. In such instances, companies need to adapt and optimize their workforce to be more flexible, agile, and productive. Business enterprises need comprehensive solutions to survive this fast-paced competition and sustain their organizations for the long term. 

Staff Augmentation in Business is a transformative solution that helps establishments bridge the talent gap without increasing costs or spending more resources. In this blog, we’ll discuss the role of staff augmentation and how it is revolutionizing decision-making in enterprises from around the globe. 

What is a Staff Augmentation Model?

Staff augmentation is a well-known strategy to effectively manage the workforce by hiring external professionals to support the in-house team on a project. This model helps organizations scale teams quickly based on project requirements like expertise, deadline, location, etc. Instead of spending time, money, and other resources on hiring more employees, you can bring the necessary talent onboard by contacting an IT staffing company. Once the project is complete, the team will be dismantled, and the external employees will move on to other clients/ businesses. 

There is no specific duration or time limit to implement the staff augmentation model. It can be short-term, mid-term, or long-term based on your business requirements and goals. 

What is Commodity Staff Augmentation?

Commodity staff augmentation is where you hire external employees to work on routine or well-defined jobs. These roles are commonplace and found in almost every business in the industry. For example, IT outsourcing is a type of commodity staff augmentation in which repetitive tasks like software development, testing, customer or technical support, etc., are handed over to external employees. 

This model allows you to allocate more resources for core business processes and retain your in-house teams to work on crucial projects. Instead of bringing outsiders to work on confidential and complicated projects, you assign them regular jobs that take too much of your time and resources. It helps reduce overhead costs and increase business efficiency by accessing the global talent pool. You also have more options to choose from due to the well-defined nature of the jobs. 

Impact of Staff Augmentation on Decision-Making

Staff augmentation has a significant impact on decision-making. It revolutionizes how your top management can improve its strategic decisions and achieve the business goals. 

Access to Specialized Skills

Staff augmentation helps bridge the talent gap in your business without wasting too much time on recruitment. Moreover, you can build a team from scratch by hiring experts for the short term and giving them decision-making rights in their domains.

Augmented teams can offer the necessary support to make informed choices and be proactive in competitive markets. This is helpful in today’s world, where businesses have to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the market. For example, to implement AI in business, you can bring in a specialist team of artificial intelligence engineers to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Flexibility in Resource Allocation

Resources play a vital role in the success of a business. Often, you need to adjust your projects based on resource availability. This includes in-house teams. If all your top employees are already a part of different projects, how can you create another team for a new project? Staff augmentation helps scale the workforce up or down without spending too many resources. Since you are no longer constrained by limited teams or employees, you can make better and more effective decisions to boost your business. 

Faster Decision Execution

Making decisions is just one part of the process. These decisions have to be implemented to achieve the results. Even this requires a team of people, which can be supplied by staff augmentation companies. For example, if you want to use cloud data analytics, you can invest in cloud data consulting solutions to set up the data analytical tools and database on the cloud and deliver real-time analytical reports. Staff augmentation is particularly helpful in industries with critical and short-time-to-market factors. FMCG, manufacturing, etc., require quick actions to take the product to the customers before competitors. 

Cost-Effective Decision-Making

Commodity staff augmentation is an effective way to reduce operative costs in a business. When all routine and repetitive tasks are performed by an external team, it frees up resources to focus on core business development. Your in-house employees can use internal resources to drive innovation and growth to expand the business. This is helpful when you don’t want outsiders to have access to confidential data. Commodity staff augmentation promotes strategic allocation of resources and facilitates better financial planning for the long term. 

Global Perspective

Businesses are no longer limited to their regions or countries. With geographical limitations blurring, every business needs to have a global appeal and connect with other organizations from around the world. Staff augmentation allows you to bring experts from diverse backgrounds and communities to work on your projects. This increases the scope of the project while empowering you to make decisions based on a comprehensive global perspective. Augmented teams have better knowledge about international markets, emerging trends, etc., which can help expand your business in new markets. 

Reduced Risk

Risk mitigation should be a part of your business plan. One way to mitigate risk is by hiring an augmented team to work on specific tasks. This ensures you have the right talent and enough employees to streamline the work processes and keep them running smoothly. It also minimizes the risk of errors due to lack of experience or talent. You can pick an augmented team to exactly suit your requirements and change the team each time your requirements change. 

Role of IT Outsourcing in Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation and IT outsourcing go hand in hand in the technology sector. It is highly effective to outsource tasks based on the business requirements. Organizations can outsource recurring jobs or complex projects, depending on the in-house talent, long-term plans, resources, and budget. In many cases, outsourcing is cost-effective and delivers better results compared to building an internal team from scratch and recruiting employees on the payroll. 

Various IT outsourcing companies offer staff augmentation services in different domains. For example, you can hire business intelligence consulting services from offshore or third-party companies to set up, implement, and maintain your BI processes. Aligning IT outsourcing with staff augmentation brings greater cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability, agility, and expertise necessary to navigate the ever-changing tech world. 

How do I Choose a Staff Augmentation Provider?

The success of your business depends on the staff augmentation provider you work with. Here are some factors to consider when finalizing a staff augmentation consulting partner: 

Expertise and Experience

Consider that the service provider has the necessary domain expertise and caters to clients from your industry. Similarly, focus on the company’s experience working with different organizations and providing staffing services. 

Skill Assessment

What internal process does the service provider have to ensure that the right talent is selected to work on your project? For example, if your project is to build an artificial intelligence model for customer support, you need an AI engineer with the necessary expertise and skills. 

Cultural Fit

What is the work culture of the service provider? Do they follow a flexible and adaptive approach to seamlessly blend with different work cultures in different organizations? Make sure the external employees can be integrated with your existing teams. 

Communication Skills

Communication is vital for a team to collaborate and work on a project. Pay attention to the communication skills of external employees provided by the staffing company to minimize the risk of confusion, especially in remote teams. 


Staff augmentation services need to be scalable. Sometimes, you may require more team members to join the project immediately. Can the service provider step up and deliver? How easy or hard is it to scale the team up or down without causing delays? 

Data Security and Compliance

Data security and confidentiality are vital when partnering with staff augmentation companies. What kind of data governance and compliance standards does the service provider have? Can you trust them to effectively offer data security consulting services for your projects? 

Client References

Always ask for references and talk to previous and/or existing clients of the staff augmentation company. Consider their inputs and feedback when finalizing your service provider. Ask about aspects like performance, reliability, transparency, etc. 

Cost Structure

What is the pricing model of the staffing company? Is it flexible? Does it align with your requirements and budget? And most importantly, make sure there will be no hidden charges which can affect your costs in the long run. 


IT staff augmentation empowers businesses in various ways and is a game-changer in competitive markets. From providing access to specialist skills to allowing better resource allocation, it can streamline internal processes to speed up efficiency. 

However, it is equally important to choose the correct provider for staff augmentation. Having the right team in the right place at the right time will help you leverage the advantages of staff augmentation and enhance decision-making, drive growth, and become competitive in the global markets.

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