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Power BI for Retail Industry: Dominate the Sector

With an increase in competition in the retail sector, it has become extremely important for every retail company to understand advanced technology stack, people and data. Power BI is one such technological advancement that allows retail businesses to leverage its functionality for data visualizations to improve their profitability and efficiency while acting on real-time insights. 

In fact, the usage of any business intelligence tool is considered a crucial key to managing a company’s data in this digital age. It is used to generate reports, surface insights and connect to a wide range of information for better understanding. The reports offer visualization of the data that boosts the sales for the business by facilitating better planning and strategizing.

Today, we will discuss the applications of Power BI for retail and what makes it one of the most efficient retail reporting tools. 

Benefits of Power BI in the Retail Industry

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the retail industry is slammed with the challenge of uncertainties. Moreover, the growth of digitalization has enhanced customer expectations. As per a survey, the e-retail industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region was predicted to grow at the rate of 12.2 percent of the offline retail in the year 2025 (before the COVID-19 pandemic). The forecasted penetration rate grew to approximately 16.3 percent after the pandemic. 

Therefore, customer demands follow a different pattern in today’s digital era. Along with the products or services, the customers are also given equal importance in today’s economy. Every business and retail industry is looking forward to providing their customers with quick satisfaction and a smooth experience.

The retail industry is suggested to analyze and collect the data for coping with the changing customer expectations and rising demands. With the applications of Power BI, the industry can expect the transformation of raw data into actionable retailing insights. It can offer every business a 360-degree view of their entire industry at a glance. Moreover, the efficiency of the Power BI retail dashboard helps understand the selling and buying habits of the customer. Thus proving to be the top retail business intelligence tool in the e-retail market.

Let us look into the major advantages of using Power BI in retail:

  • Integrating Power BI in the existing point of sales systems of the industry to leverage a whole new hemisphere of analytics and reports functionality
  • Get valuable insights into the purchasing pattern of the business while making machine inventory predictions after visualizing and analyzing data.
  • Navigating, sorting, filtering and visualizing the data code to optimize the data reporting process.
  • Employing predictive analytics while utilizing historical data can overcome inventory and stock dilemmas.

Since it is clear how Power BI for retail can prove to be beneficial, let us now understand its technicalities. 

How Does the Power BI Sales Dashboard Work?

As we discussed earlier, the business intelligence tool by Microsoft helps to analyze data present in different sources and build dashboards and reports based on the data. Top-level management effectively uses Power BI’s dashboard for retail operations as it is capable of generating an alert once it notices low stock. It helps to create accurate reports on the profitability of the products.

Apart from endless uses of the Power BI retail dashboard, the report generated by the BI tool helps to analyze the cash tied to the existing stocks. The industry can avail the advantage of getting the data source with the help of Power BI. Companies can keep track of the inventory status, changes in customers’ shopping trends and the value that any supplier holds using the BI tool.

For example, a Customer Analysis Dashboard will help evaluate profit and sales while generating valuable insights based on product turnover-related, dynamic customer behaviors. As an illustration, retail companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) could analyze a decrease in in-store shopping following the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, noticing an increase in shopping via the PC.

A survey conducted in 2020 supported the data analysis by predicting the growth curve of the e-commerce industry in the Middle East region to accelerate to five years in about five months.

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    How Would the Retail Industry Use Business Intelligence?

    The powerful dynamic of business intelligence can be used in many ways by the retail industry. Some of the most useful ways are as mentioned below:

    Following up with Changing Trends

    Keeping up with the latest customer trends has become seamless with the help of Power BI. Now every industry can use Power BI to analyze big data that projects the pattern of change in the customer’s purchasing behavior. Using the retail visuals can help the industry monitor, plan and assess the effectiveness of various promotional activities. It can also draw a report on how a particular group of customers reacts to specific marketing campaigns. 

    Moreover, the Power BI can collect social media data while analyzing it to measure the high engagement level, track the demographics, and assess the influencing behavior while understanding the buying patterns. With the help of the retail analytics dashboards, you can boost the efficiency of the supply chain while meeting your customers’ demands. It can also help meet the seasonal demand while enhancing the forecasting ability.

    Get the Omnichannel Experience

    The multi-channel retail would get replaced with the help of a more engaging omnichannel experience. Power BI helps to unify the customer in every action and touchpoint. It helps to treat the single-channel interaction for a more delightful customer experience.

    Power BI helps to aggregate the data from various offline and online sources with the help of a visualization tool that helps predict user behavior. It also helps get a unified picture of the expectations and demands of the customer. Assessment through the budget is only possible with the help of Power BI. It helps to understand the different areas of intelligent plans, cost-cutting, predictive analysis and floor optimization to balance the demand and supply of the perishable results.

    Assists All Team Members

    The data analysts can dig deeper with the help of the advanced features of Power BI, including map visualization. It also helps them unfold the platform’s predictive analysis potential by using R scripts.

    The team helps the executive keep an eye on the critical parameters while helping them with an all-encompassing and comprehensive report generated via Power BI sales dashboards. It can help them to access a high-level picture of the situation within less time.

    The top-level management is benefited from the feature of creating informative visualization. It can help them make informed decisions while detecting the timely shifts while boosting the business performance and effectiveness. Power BI also facilitates the organization with a retail KPI dashboard that helps to keep all tasks on track, thus ensuring meeting the timeline of each project. 

    How Can a Power BI Consulting Company Prove to Be Helpful?

    A Power BI consulting company helps businesses develop a data-driven strategy that effectively uses and implements the Power BI. Moreover, the company helps to develop customized Power BI applications. The Power BI tool offers retail sales dashboard customization, mapping and integrating data visualizations as some of the multi-dimensional services for retail experts.

    DataToBiz being one of the reputed Power BI consultants deliver feature-packed tools for every business that promises value for your teams. Since its inception, the company has successfully completed more than a hundred Power BI implementations along with development projects. Thus, setting a noticeable benchmark for high-level development and consultation projects. With the help of such customization, you can expect report customization that can help get a multidimensional perspective for increasing the efficiency of your operations. 

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