Unleashing Insights, Healing Lives: AWS-Powered Medicine Transforming

Our Client

  • Our client is a big part of India’s healthcare sector, They have over 100 hospitals and clinics.
  • These institutions are widely recognized as leading medical establishments for their excellence in healthcare services.
  • With a broader network, our customer aims to make quality healthcare easier and more accessible for all across the country.

Problem Statement

Amidst a growing customer base, a surge in incoming inquiries and support requests bottlenecked the manual customer support processes, resulting in longer response times by internal staff. This delay significantly impacted customer satisfaction and posed a risk to the business’s reputation.
  • Decade-long Historical Data Isolation:

    More than 10 years of historical data was stuck in different departments.

  • Inefficient Manual Processes:

    Traditional methods of customer support lead to increasing volume of inquiries which leads to slower resolution times and potential not satisfied customers.

  • Absence of Automated Setup:

    The client sought a solution to streamline and automate their customer support system, aiming to enhance responsiveness and efficiency.

Our Solution

To address the challenges faced by the healthcare institution, a multi-faceted solution combining data integration and advanced analytics is proposed by DataToBiz experts:

  • Empowering Analytical Excellence: DataToBiz bought in Amazon AWS tools (like Redshift, EMR, and QuickSight) to help experts understand information better.

  • Applied Insights: For planning treatments and using resources efficiently we found hidden patterns in the data.

  • AI-Driven Healthcare Advancement: By using SageMaker to create smart computer models. These models helped in predicting diseases, suggesting treatments, and figuring out risks.

  • Real-time productivity improvements: Using AWS IoT sensors helped keep an eye on things happening in the present. This helped in finding problems faster and made things simpler.



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Business Impact


  • Automation Revolution: Automation of routine tasks like data entry, report generation reduced the time required up to 20%.

  • Deeper data insights: The combination of data and analytics led to a 30% improvement in overall insights for informed decision-making.

  • Increased collaboration and analysis: Due to improved collaboration and analysis,  data-driven insights are increased by 25%.

  • AI-powered personalization: AI-powered analytics increased 40% improvement in the development of personalized treatment plans and patient care outcomes.

  • Operational efficiencies: Real-time detection and optimization resulted in a 20% reduction in operational costs.

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