How a Leading E-commerce Platform Achieved 30% Conversion Rate Growth with Real-time Analytics

Our Client

  • A popular Indian e-commerce platform with a diverse product line, catering to multi-consumer needs at once.
  • Serving millions of customers across the globe and India, with a strong presence in metropolitan cities such as Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and others.
  • Operating both in online and offline retail stores, the company offers a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to its consumers.

Problem Statement

Along with the global expansion, the client is currently focusing on the diverse Indian market. With people and preferences changing every kilometer, the client faced challenges in multiplying their stores and handling a huge amount of customer data:

  • Optimizing conversion rates and enhancing overall e-commerce platform performance, especially in a diverse market like India posed a challenge.

  • Struggled with inefficient data handling, limited insights into customer behaviors, and difficulty in aligning online and offline retail strategies.

  • Existing analytics tools provided limited visibility, hindering prompt decision-making for their multi-faceted operations.

Our Solution

After a thorough analysis of the client’s situation, considering both online and offline retail setups, our data experts implemented an end-to-end managed data analytics solution for the retail firm.

  • Deployed a robust data warehouse infrastructure for streamlined data storage and retrieval, integrating data from various channels such as online storefronts, mobile apps, social media, offline stores, websites, etc.

  • Implemented advanced predictive analytics tools for real-time data processing and interpretation, focusing on both online and offline customer interactions.

  • Utilized E-Commerce Data Insights to identify opportunities for personalized marketing and customer engagement in the Indian market.

  • Introduced Omnichannel E-Commerce BI dashboards for a unified view of customer interactions across multiple channels, bridging the gap between online and offline retail.

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Business Impact

With the implemented managed analytics solutions, our client:

  • Achieved a 30% growth in conversion rates within the first six months of implementation, especially significant in the diverse and competitive Indian market.

  • Real-time analytics empowered the client to make data-driven decisions promptly, improving overall operational efficiency by 31%.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction in the Indian market through personalized marketing strategies and targeted promotions, resulting in a 15% increase in customer retention rate.

  • Omnichannel E-Commerce BI dashboards facilitated a holistic view of customer interactions, enabling the client to create a seamless and integrated shopping experience both online and offline, driving a 13% increase in overall revenue.

All-in-all, the tailored managed analytics solutions not only addressed the client’s challenges but also positioned them for sustainable growth and operational excellence in the diverse and dynamic Indian e-commerce space.

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