Simplifying Data Collection & Visualization Process of an Educational Firm Using Low-Code Platforms

Our Client

  • A leading educational institution in Africa, with a widespread network of 100 schools spanning multiple regions across the subcontinent.
  • Known for their commitment to excellence, their branches promise best-in-class education, modern infrastructure, a student-friendly curriculum, and a blend of modern and traditional learning approaches.

Problem Statement

With a long-term vision to modernize their administrative processes, our client recognized the need for a centralized data solution to streamline administrative tasks, enhance data security, and simplify data management across their diverse network of schools.
    • Scattered Data Types:

      Managing diverse data types with various formats and structures across multiple schools resulted in inconsistencies and operational inefficiencies. With data scattered across different systems, accessing and consolidating for effective decision-making is challenging.

    • Compliance Concerns:

      Ensuring that only authorized personnel had access to specific functionalities and sensitive data presented challenges in terms of security and compliance.

    • Lack of Scalability:

      The application needed to be easily scalable to accommodate future expansions seamlessly, without causing disruptions to current administrative operations.

    • Manual Dependencies:

      Major administrative processes performed manually led to inefficiencies, errors, and delays in operations.

    • Data Safety Concerns:

      Concerns about data security arose due to the decentralized nature of their operations, prompting the need for enhanced security measures in their internal systems.

Our Solution

To tackle these challenges effectively, our engineers and the internal management team together chalked out a comprehensive digital transformation strategy facilitated by a low-code development platform.

  • Custom Application Development: A specialized development team was engaged to create a customized application using a low-code development platform.
  • Role-Based Authentication (RBA): The application integrated an advanced Role-Based Authentication (RBA) system, providing tight control over user permissions. This not only ensured robust data security but also guaranteed compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Flexible Data Structuring: To cater to diverse data types, our team implemented a dynamic data structuring mechanism. This approach allowed for the accommodation of various data formats while upholding data integrity and consistency within the system.

  • Scalability Planning: With an eye on future growth, the application’s architecture was strategically planned for scalability. This ensures a smooth and effortless expansion process as new branches are incorporated into the system.

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Business Impact

The successful implementation of a role-based authentication and data structuring model revolutionized their education management. The implementation of the custom application for data collection and visualization using PowerBI gave us the desired results:
    • Efficient Data Management: The application simplified the processes of entering, storing, retrieving, and analyzing management data. This not only cut down on manual effort but also minimized errors, making our data management more efficient.

    • Enhanced Security: Through role-based authentication, the application granted precise control over user access. This robust security measure fortified data protection and ensured strict compliance with privacy regulations.

    • Structured Data: Data was thoughtfully organized for cohesiveness, facilitating smooth reporting, analytics, and data-driven decision-making processes. This structured approach enhanced the overall effectiveness of our data handling

    • Seamless Expansion: The application seamlessly expanded along with the growth of our institute. It smoothly accommodated new branches, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted workflow.

    • High User Adoption: Extensive user training and support measures were implemented to guarantee widespread adoption of the application. This approach maximized the benefits derived from using the application across their user base.

This shows how technology can be used in the education administration space and demonstrates that creating custom applications with tools like SharePoint, PowerApps, PowerBI, Excel, and CSV can help schools and institutions seize business growth opportunities too.

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