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Data Engineering Services

Assisting businesses in leveraging their enterprise data for data-driven decision-making and tackling any challenges faced in getting the insights they need.

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is the process of designing a seamless system to collect, and store raw data from multiple sources and analyze it to gain insights. DataToBiz data engineering consultants are specialized in building customized data engineering solutions as per the requirements of enterprises. Data engineering services help organizations to effectively manage their data.

Our Process

Understand business requirements and identify existing data sources and systems.

Collect and extract data from various sources.

Clean and preprocess the data to remove errors, and inconsistencies.

Transform data into a format suitable for analysis.

Store the data in a scalable, reliable and secure data repository, such as a data lake or data warehouse.

Create and maintain infrastructure, such as pipelines, ETL processes, and other tools.

Analyze data to gain insights, and identify patterns and trends that can be used to make business decisions.

Build and deploy machine learning models to automate decision making or to make predictions.

Provide full support and maintenance, including troubleshooting and issue resolution.


Benefits of Our Data Engineering Services

Improved Data Quality

Improved Data Quality

We help clean and preprocess data so that it is accurate and free of errors. This will ensure more reliable insights and effective decision-making.

Enhanced Scalability

Enhanced scalability

We help organizations grow and expand without being constrained by their data infrastructure. We design systems that can handle large amounts of data.

Increased Efficiency

Increased efficiency

Our experts help automate and streamline data processes, fast-tracking the time required to collect, clean and analyze data.

Improved Data Security

Improved Data Security

Our data engineering services help ensure that the enterprise data is stored securely and prevent data breaches.

Effective Decision Making

Effective Decision Making

By helping you manage and analyze the enterprise data better, we enable the organization to drive business growth, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Build a Central Data Warehouse

Build a Central Data Warehouse

Our data engineers assist businesses in building a robust centralized data warehouse that allows for the integration of data from multiple sources into a single data repository. A more accurate and complete view of the organization's data allows for more comprehensive analysis, reporting, and decision-making.

Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics

We implement systems powered by advanced algorithms for prescriptive and predictive analytics. This helps in analyzing historical or real-time data and provides insights and predictions.

Success Stories

thumb-Digital Transformation of a Quartz Products Manufacturing Company

Digital Transformation of a Quartz Products Manufacturing Company

We helped a leading Quartz products manufacturing company develop a robust and centralized enterprise data warehouse. Our data engineering experts developed customized Power BI dashboards to visualize data and gain actionable insights. We introduced automation into the operations by incorporating artificial intelligence systems for product and material tracking, failure and detection control, product quality tracking, defect and disposition tracking, plant optimization, etc.

Procurement Analysis Solution for a Global Wind Turbine Manufacturer

We designed and implemented a specialized procurement analysis solution to help a global wind turbine manufacturer improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in its procurement processes. Power BI dashboards were implemented into the processes for data visualization and helping the organization gain improved visibility and control over its spending. The systems enabled the company to identify opportunities for cost savings that enabled them to negotiate better deals with vendors.

Our Technology and Tools

Data Storage

Data Storage

Data Integration

Data Integration

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

Data Processing

Data Processing

ERP Systems

Cloud Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data engineering is the process of building data pipelines that transform large amounts of data and prepare it for data analytics. The data collected by an enterprise is cleaned, structured, and formatted by the time it is sent to data scientists or data analytics. Data engineering services are essential to maintain the quality of data used for analytics. This results in accurate insights that lead to better decisions. Data engineers work with data warehouses, data lakes, sandboxes, etc., to build, streamline maintain, and data flow within an organization.

Adopting the data-driven model in an enterprise requires data engineering, data science, data analytics, etc. A crucial part of building the data-driven model relies on how well your business manages the available data. The quantity and quality of data collected from multiple sources have to be maintained to derive reliable insights. 

The data engineering team creates a strategy to streamline data collection, cleaning, and transformation before it is analyzed. Data engineers are in high demand in the global market. It is more cost-effective to hire an offshore data engineering service provider than build an in-house team.

There are several benefits of working with a data engineering consulting company

  • A professional data engineer has the necessary expertise to understand your business and handle vast amounts of data. 
  • The service provider will create a data engineering team to work on your project. You access experts and their talent without wasting time and money on recruiting. 
  • The service provider will work with your in-house IT teams to set up and revamp the infrastructure. It is a vital step for digital transformation. 
  • Data engineering consultants will determine the best data model based on your business requirements, budget, and industry. 
  • The team will continue to provide support and maintenance services to ensure the scalability and flexibility of your data storage center. 
  • Building an on-premises data warehouse or cloud-based data lake is the responsibility of data engineers. They also set up data pipelines and connect the systems. 
  • Data engineers handle big data efficiently and help you stay in control of the endless data generated within and outside the organization.

Hiring a data engineering organization requires some research and planning. The data engineers are responsible for building and managing various systems in your organization. Consider the following when partnering with data engineering consultants: 

  • Personal expertise 
  • Company/ team portfolio 
  • Industry/ niche-based experience 
  • Transparency and accountability 
  • Pricing model and hidden charges 
  • Communication and general impressions 
  • Client testimonials and satisfaction rate 

Your business will benefit in the long run when you hire an efficient and compatible data engineering partner.

Data engineering is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Many enterprises outsource the responsibility to data engineering consulting companies to free their internal resources and allow employees to continue with their existing responsibilities. The simplest way to get started with data engineering services is to consult our team. 

Data engineers from DataToBiz will have in-depth discussions with you to understand the existing system and identify the best method to enable digital transformation. We take care of everything (from choosing the right tools and technologies to providing support services) so that you can focus on the core areas of your business and increase productivity.

DataToBiz is an end-to-end data engineering company with experts from the field. Our services are wide and varied, ranging from creating a data engineering strategy to handling data mining, data warehousing, system integrations, and facilitating data analytics. We build the data-driven model in your enterprise to help employees across all verticals easily access data and insights. 

  • Data movement and management 
  • Data warehousing 
  • Building, executing and monitoring data pipelines 
  • Data engineering strategy management 
  • Deploy machine learning models 
  • Maintain data centers, etc.

Data engineering and data science may appear similar but are different responsibilities. The data engineering consultants focus on building, testing, and maintaining data pipelines. They work with data architecture, which acts as a foundation for data scientists to run analytics. Data engineers are responsible for developing scalable, strong, and powerful data architecture within the enterprise. The quality of data analytics depends on how well data engineers establish the data pipelines that help data scientists easily work with processed data.

Yes, data engineers help with data migration by preparing data (ETL) and making it ready for a transformation. Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another. Generally speaking, it involves moving large volumes of data from on-premises systems to the cloud. It could also deal with shifting data from outdated systems to advanced and customized data storage centers in the enterprise. Data migration is further divided into different types. The data engineering consulting company will determine the best process for data migration after examining your systems and understanding your long-term goals.

Data engineering is a combination of data preparation, data cleaning, and data transformation to make datasets ready for use by data scientists and AI engineers. Building, developing, and maintaining the ETL infrastructure is the core job of data engineers. 

However, a data engineering company like DataToBiz offers many other services to assist businesses with digital transformation. We provide training and support services to enable your existing teams effectively use the transformed datasets for analytics and visualization. You don’t need to worry about the talent gap in your organization. We will train your employees to understand the data architecture and provide support services to eliminate errors from the systems.

Data governance and compliance have become important in recent times. The increasing use of data for analytics has resulted in more laws and regulations to ensure data security and privacy. It is a multifold concept that combines data models, physical systems (hardware), and business processes in your enterprise. 


Since data engineering deals with physical systems (data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, in-house and cloud servers, etc.), data engineering teams invariably help with data governance and compliance. They consider government regulations when building databases in your organization so that the architecture ensures data security and prevents violation of data privac

Data engineering consultants help businesses solve several data challenges and streamline data flow for analytics. The insights derived from data analytics are presented as data visualizations. The visualizations are graphical representations of actionable insights in real time. The data analytical tools have to be connected to data visualization tools (like Power BI, Tableau, etc.). Customized dashboards are created for end users (employees) to access data visualizations and use the insights for day-to-day decisions. 

Data engineering services can include data visualization and reporting. DataToBiz offers complete data engineering consultancy services that include data compliance, governance, data visualization, and reporting.

​​Every business is different. The time taken to implement data engineering services varies based on the business volume, requirements, budget, etc. Typically, it can take around two to three months to have working data architecture. It will take another three months to develop the data science and AI models. Data engineering is time-consuming. Hiring an offshore team allows you to continue your regular business operations as the data engineering consultants build and integrate data pipelines. The team will have to monitor and maintain the infrastructure even after the setup is ready and working. It’s a continuous process.

Yes, data engineering organizations help with data security and privacy. With increasing instances of cybercrime, the concept of data security has shifted from being technological-based to a combination of technology and governance. Data engineers have to build systems that comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to address concerns about data security and privacy. Building an effective data architecture involves overcoming challenges due to data privacy and security. This overlaps with data governance and compliance.

Yes. Quality data is essential to derive accurate and reliable insights. The data engineering consulting company offers services to increase data quality and integrity through data preparation and transformation. Having benchmarks for data quality will make the data pipelines more efficient and minimize the risk of errors. Data engineers have to determine if the collected data is relevant and useful for the business. They also have to ensure that the datasets continue to reflect reality throughout their lifecycle. Data source, data cleaning, formatting, structuring, data governance, etc., are developed to ensure high data quality and relevance to derive insights. 

Yes. Data engineering organizations help set up data pipelines and datasets to enable real-time data processing and analytics. Data engineers at DataToBiz will build scalable systems that can be automated to streamline data flow and process large volumes of complex data in real time. The established systems will be fault-tolerant and future-proof to minimize the risk of errors or delays that affect your business’s efficiency and productivity. We ensure that the data systems are effective and can process queries in seconds while also optimizing the use of resources and managing the cost of running a real-time data processing setup.

Data engineering that deals with big data is known as big data engineering. It delivers advanced analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning models to process vast amounts of data in real time. 

Yes, data engineering consulting services help with big data and machine learning to deliver predictive and advanced analytics. Data engineers have a vital role in developing the data foundation for data scientists and ML engineers to use datasets for testing their models and deriving insights. Data engineering services are the central point of building data-driven models in enterprises. Protection Status