Impact of Big Data Analytics in Retail Industry (Simplified)

There is a huge demand for automating the traditional data management system for retail industries. The data generated online is increasing every second with the ever-changing shifts in customer behavior. In fact, about 40% of marketers study the consumer journey for crucial decision-making. The traditional methods might have been very useful and served you well

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Big Data Analytics in Business: Why Do Businesses Need It?

The term ‘big data’ refers to the complex process of analyzing a huge amount of data to find information such as market trends or customer preferences. This information can aid businesses in making quick and well-informed decisions. In other words, data analytics techniques and technologies allow organizations to analyze data sets and collect new data.

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Power BI for Retail Industry: Dominate the Sector

With an increase in competition in the retail sector, it has become extremely important for every retail company to understand advanced technology stack, people and data. Power BI is one such technological advancement that allows retail businesses to leverage its functionality for data visualizations to improve their profitability and efficiency while acting on real-time insights. 

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