Getting Started with PrepAI: A Beginner’s Guide

PrepAI has evolved as a pathbreaking solution in the Edtech industry that uses artificial intelligence to create tests without much human intervention, providing a more accurate alternative to traditional test preparation. Just a couple of days after launch, PrepAI has gained a lot of traction from industry experts, teaching professionals, exam administrators, and students preparing

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PrepAI – Most Advanced Question Generator

PrepAI is the smartest AI-Powered question generator and a solution to create question-answer pairs for exams and online test papers. It can generate questions from text in minutes. It turns up as a solution in the form of a question answer generator that helps teachers, exam administrators and content leaders save time and reduce human

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Question Generation — Ah! Time Consuming & Boring Too

Have you ever thought “How much time & effort do you put into creating a set of questions along with their answers?” Question Generation is a kind of task that all educational institutions do regularly (sometimes periodically). Not only institutions but also many MOOCs, Competitive examinations, Tuition centers, and Self-preparing individuals need to do this

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Shoplifting – A Big Concern for the Retail Industry

The Big Question ? Have you ever wondered that the CCTV cameras we use in our workplaces, retail stores, jewelry shops, etc. are being underutilized compared to what they are actually capable of? There are many use cases that can be solved by using your CCTV cameras be it any anomalous event happening around. Here

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